What Size Bed Should a 6foot Person Get?

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Finding a bed that will fit you can be difficult if you’re over six feet. A typical full-size bed is seventy-five inches long, which forces people over six feet to bend down to fit. This can cause poor sleep posture and can cause stiffness in the morning.

Twin XL

Regarding mattress size, the sleeper’s height is often the most significant determining factor. Twin XL mattresses are five inches longer than a twin mattress, allowing for more legroom. This can make all the difference to a tall person! Typically, a twin mattress measures 75 inches long, while a twin XL measures 79 inches. This is a perfect size for a person over six feet tall, but be aware that a pillow will also take up some space.

If you’re over six feet tall, you may want to consider purchasing a Twin XL mattress. These beds have an additional five inches of length, which is perfect for a six-foot-tall person. Besides being a good fit for tall people, they’re also very convenient for smaller rooms. The extra length will prevent your feet from hanging off the edge of the bed while you’re sleeping.

In addition to choosing the correct size mattress, it is essential to consider the size of the bed. Although Twin XL beds are less common than their regular counterparts, they are still suitable for tall people with large bodies. Choosing the correct size for your needs will help you get the perfect rest!

As a rule of thumb, the more extended twin size is best for tall people. Twin XL mattresses are also more affordable than their standard counterparts. However, they’re not as widespread as their standard twin. Therefore, you should be careful when purchasing a twin XL mattress.


If you are six feet tall, you should know that a regular twin-size bed won’t be long enough. You can opt for a full-size bed if you are under six feet. A queen-sized bed is a better option for those six feet tall. It is five inches longer than the standard twin size.

There are many different types of mattresses. A twin mattress is 75 inches long, while a twin XL mattress measures 80 inches. You’ll want to consider a queen or California king mattress if you are taller. These are the most popular sizes, and you can find one in almost any store.

A queen mattress is ideal for most people. It will accommodate most people, including couples. You can even buy a California king-size if you want to adjust a co-sleeping partner. You can also find a twin-size mattress that can accommodate one person. It can also fit in most bedrooms.

You might consider getting a queen bed if you’re six feet tall. The extra width is perfect for singles, couples without a lot of legroom, and parents with small children. It’s also great for guest rooms or birthday parties! Remember to sleep well! It’s a big part of your day and essential to get a good night’s rest.

A queen bed is about six inches wider and five inches longer than a double bed. While double beds were once the gold standard for couples, singles are increasingly choosing to use them. A mattress of eighty inches will be more than enough to accommodate a six-foot person.

California King

A California King size bed is a good choice for people over six feet tall. A cal king mattress is four to six inches longer than a standard twin. Its length is sufficient for most tall people, giving them enough space for their legs. For those who are shorter than six feet tall, a standard twin mattress is enough.

If you are over six feet tall, the extra length of a California king bed will be much appreciated. The additional size allows you to have more legroom and ensures that your feet do not hang off the end of the bed. The extra length may also help you feel more supported when sleeping.

If you have children, you may want to consider a king bed instead of a California king. This size is longer than a standard king and allows you to sleep comfortably with your child or pet at the foot of the bed. The additional length is also a benefit for tossers and turners, kids, and pets.

When deciding on a California king-size bed for a 6foot person, consider your height and the layout of your room. The extra four inches of width is a massive benefit for tall people. This type of bed is usually better suited for couples than singles. It offers more space, which is essential for a neutral sleeping position.

Buying a California king mattress is a bit tricky. You should make sure you buy the right frame for your bed. Then, you can choose a mattress. When purchasing a California king mattress, consider the size of the frame. You may need to get two different beds to get the right size.

Euro Super King

A Euro Super King size bed for a 6-foot person measures 180 x 200 cm. This is longer than a double mattress and is an excellent choice if you want maximum comfort. However, it is essential to note that a European Super King bed is not a standard UK bed size.

To choose the correct size bed, you must ensure that you know the exact dimensions of your room. Take into account the floor space in the room, and check whether there are any obstacles in the way. For example, narrow or windy stairs could make the bed awkward to move in the room. Buying a mattress that is too big may also cause trouble when you return it.

A Euro Super King bed is 180cm wide and 200cm long, making it an excellent choice for a couple who needs maximum space. Bed standards differ between Europe and the United States, so checking which one will suit your needs is essential. It is possible to convert between European and US sizes if you’re unsure which one is right for you.

While height is a significant factor in deciding on the right size bed for you, it is also essential to consider your sleeping style. Depending on your sleeping position, you may need an extra few centimeters of length. This will help keep your limbs aligned while you sleep. It will also provide better quality sleep, essential to the metabolic process and memory.

If you’re unsure which size to choose, a Full mattress may be an excellent choice. Full size is about the same length as a UK double mattress and has enough room for a pillow. You’ll need to allow at least six inches more space for your pillow than the height of the bed.

Alberta King

If you’re a six-foot-plus person, you should consider an Alberta King size bed. These extra-long mattresses are the perfect fit for tall people and families. They provide more space and accommodate up to two adults and one or two children. They also provide enough room for a small pet at the foot of the bed. While this bed is often ideal for families, it is also an excellent option for singles and tall people looking for extra-long beds.

Purchasing an Alberta King can be expensive. The frame and mattress can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. The bed frame is made of premium materials, increasing the price. You may also pay extra for custom bedding or certified organic materials. These can add a few hundred dollars to the price, but enjoying your new bed is worth the cost.

An Alberta king-size bed can accommodate two adults and one to two children. However, it’s likely to take up more room than a traditional king mattress. An Alaskan king-size bed is probably too crowded if you have a small bedroom. The Alberta king is 96 inches wide and 96 inches long, so it’s a good choice for people between six and seven feet tall. The extra space is a significant advantage for tall people since their feet will never be hanging over the edge of the bed.

An Alberta King size bed is also a good choice for people with tall or short bodies. This oversized bed is slightly faster than a Wyoming king, but it’s wider, measuring nine feet by nine feet. It’s hard to find Alberta King sheets and bed frames, so you’ll need a custom-made bed frame. As with the other sizes, you should consider the physical build of each family member. The length and width of each person will determine the best-size mattress for the bedroom.

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