What Are the Standard Bed Sizes?

Standard sizes

Most furniture is designed to fit standard measurements. Knowing the standard bed size will make it easier to determine which pieces will fit in your room. Knowing the dimensions of a couch or bed will also help ensure that the work is a good fit. Here are some general sizes for a queen or king bed. If you aren’t sure what size you need, check the manufacturer’s specifications for that piece.

190 cm (75 in)

Various beds are available, but the most common is 190 cm (75 in) in length, 60 inches in width, and 190 cm (75 in) in height. There are also variations between these sizes, so be sure to know the measurements of your bed before you buy. If your mattress is smaller than standard, your feet may fall off the bed. Also, remember that many imports use the metric system, so you must order a custom-made size if you want a smaller bed.

European and British bed sizes can vary, but they are generally similar. For example, the U.S. queen size corresponds to the U.K. king size, and vice versa. In Europe, standard bed sizes are measured in centimeters instead of inches. You can find the width and length of European beds by consulting a conversion chart.

The dimensions of beds vary in different parts of the world, but most countries use the International System of Units to measure bed sizes. However, there are some countries where the standard bed size is more varied, especially in Europe. In countries like Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, bed sizes are generally smaller than in the U.S. or Western Europe. Despite this, the standard length of a bed is usually 190 cm (75 inches), but it can vary within the same country.

The standard double bed size is 190 cm (75 inches) long and four feet wide. The size of a king mattress is 150 cm (59 inches) wide by 190 cm (75 inches) long. The Super King bed is 180 cm wide by 200 cm (79 inches) long. The Super King bed is 200 cm long and six feet wide.

Split Queen

A Split Queen is an ideal bed for couples. Not only do they save space in a room, but they also have two separate beds that make for a more comfortable sleeping experience for both partners. A Split Queen offers the benefits of a king-sized mattress and a queen-sized mattress with a lower center of gravity. A split queen bed is also a good option if you want to sleep with your partner but have different firmness preferences.

A split queen mattress has the exact dimensions as a standard queen bed but is divided into two 30 x 80-inch sections. This makes them easier to maneuver, especially when it comes to tight spaces. Split queen beds are also adjustable to adjust the firmness on either side of the bed.

A split queen mattress can be an excellent value for the money. Its latex layers offer a natural feel, but you can adjust them to adjust the firmness to your preferences. In addition, latex mattresses last much longer than other split queen mattresses, so they are a good value for your money. A split queen mattress is a perfect option if you’re on a tight budget.

A split queen mattress is a perfect option if you live in a small space and want more space for sleeping. A divided queen mattress can fit in a smaller room, which is convenient for delivery. In addition, it’s easy to accessorize.

Olympic Queen

While the popular queen mattress may be ideal for single sleepers, it may not be large enough for couples. Consider an Olympic queen-sized bed if you want a mattress that fits two people and does not stretch too far. Because of its 60-inch length, it leaves plenty of room for other furniture and accessories.

The Olympic queen bed is commonly used in the United States. Its dimensions are 66 by 80 inches (168 x 203 cm), making it the perfect size for two people. While there is no fixed size recommendation, this particular bed is typically a good fit for a room that is 10 feet wide and 14 feet long. While this number can be a little higher or lower than required for a standard queen, it is a good choice for bedrooms with children or small furniture.

Because of its size, Olympic queen beds can fit a large bedroom without cramping the space. However, they may be more expensive than other mattress sizes. They are unavailable in all retailers, and it can be not easy to find bed frames or bedding accessories that fit them. Because of their size, the Olympic queen is a popular choice for master bedrooms that are small in size.

The Olympic queen bed is slightly smaller than a standard Queen bed, but the mattress size is similar. The only difference between the two-bed sizes is the size of the Olympic queen mattress, which is slightly wider than the standard Queen bed. olympic queen mattresses are a bit more expensive than a standard Queen bed, but the price difference is usually just a few hundred dollars.

California king

If you’re considering purchasing a new bed, you’ll probably want to consider the differences between the California king and the standard king. While both are large and comfortable, a California king is longer than a standard king, making it more comfortable for taller individuals. However, if you’re sharing your bedroom with a partner or young children, you’ll probably want a standard king. An additional four inches of width can make a big difference in comfort.

A California king is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. This size is ideal for tall people, although it’s not suited for people who sleep with pets. This type of bed is also suitable for single sleepers and small rooms. You’ll want to consider the standard king size for larger families or rooms with more expansive spaces.

A California king mattress has more length, which is ideal if you’re over six feet tall. The additional size helps you get more legroom and feel more supported while sleeping. You’ll also have more space in the middle of the bed. A bed of this size is a good fit for tall people who sleep on their sides.

A California king mattress can also be more challenging to find than a standard king. Additionally, it can be more expensive. Many companies charge more for a California king mattress than a standard king. In addition, you may have trouble finding a bed frame, headboard, or footboard that will fit it. You may also have trouble finding sheets that will do it.


When buying a bed for your child, you should remember that twins are generally smaller than a king or queen-sized beds. However, they can be combined to make a larger bed. You can use a king-sized comforter to make the mixed bed more comfortable. You can add a memory foam topper to make the combined bed feel larger. Although twin-size beds are wide enough for most adults, they may be too short for a tall adult.

The standard bed size for twins is seven feet by nine feet. If you want to put other furniture around the bed, you might need a room measuring at least eight feet by ten feet. You may also want to consider purchasing a twin-XL mattress. This larger size is ideal for college dorms and smaller rooms. This mattress is five inches longer than the standard twin mattress, and it’s the perfect solution for teens and individuals with limited space. In addition, you can purchase a split king adjustable base that fits the bed and the mattress.

A twin mattress can also be used as a daybed. It’s the perfect size for relaxing during the day. However, it’s not the best choice for a couple who wants to sleep separately, and it’s not practical for everyone.


Standard bed sizes for double beds vary across the world. If you’re moving to another country, you might be surprised to learn that one country’s double bed size may be much smaller than another. Not knowing the standard bed size of one country may cause you to change your bedroom’s dimensions.

Generally, double beds are 160 cm wide by 210 cm long and 220 cm high. There are some exceptions, such as 180-cm-wide beds. The dimensions of these beds vary slightly based on the ornamentation of the bed frame and mattress name. In addition, two identical mattresses may be somewhat different in size based on manufacturing tolerances, padding, and support type.

A double bed is slightly wider than a twin bed. A twin-size mattress is only 39 inches wide, while a double-sized bed is 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. This means that two adults can comfortably fit in a double bed while enjoying privacy. They’re also cheaper than a queen-sized or king-sized bed.

When buying a double-sized bed, be sure to consider the mattress size. The size of the mattress will also depend on the size of the room. If the bedroom is large, you may want to go with a king-sized bed, while a queen-sized one will work just fine in a smaller one.

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