How To Use An Airsoft Shotgun? – The Ultimate Guide

I’m not a very big fun of video games or any computer generated games. Why? Because there are very many ways you can get the thrill outdoors. Plus, you get to kill two birds; exercise and fun.

Airsoft guns are relatively popular nowadays. They’re used for entertainment, firearm simulations and even combat training. You must, however, have the best airsoft pistol to enjoy the experience. So, if you’re a newbie or just want to learn how to use an airsoft shotgun, I have got you covered.

How To Use An Airsoft Shotgun

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Select Your Type Of Gun And The Power Source

It’s a fact that guns come in various types, sizes and weights. That’s why there are those you can see and those you can hide in your socks. An airsoft shotgun is no different.

There are many types of airsoft shotguns out there. All you need to do is select one that will serve your needs perfectly. If you have no idea on the best airsoft pistol, find out from online reviews.

These airsoft shotguns use power to fire projectiles at your target. There are three main sources of power; spring, electric and gas. The operations you intend to perform will inform what source of power you get.

Snipers need accuracy so you’ll need the spring power source as it’s the most reliable. An electric power source would be perfect for a defender.

Safety Comes First

This is a no brainer for those of you looking to make use of airsoft shotguns. Although they don’t really harm you, protecting your face and eyes is important. This prevents the debris of the site and other objects from getting into your eyes.

Another thing is how you can camouflage. When outdoors, you do not want opponents to see you. So, you need green and brown clothing. Forget the neon red or green. It also adds more excitement whether you’re entertaining or training.

So How Exactly Do Airsoft Shotguns Work?

Airsoft shotguns are air powered guns. They can shoot 6mm projectiles or more depending on the type of pistol. Airsoft shotguns are copies of original guns. Instead of using gun powder to shoot bullets, airsoft shotguns use compressions to shoot projectiles. The projectiles can be in form on bbs or small pellets.

To better understand how airsoft guns work, you’ll have to understand the three types of airsoft shotguns.

  • Electric airsoft guns
  • Spring guns
  • Gas-powered guns

Electric Airsoft Guns

These are the most common airsoft shotguns used by a majority of people. This is because they’re automatic making it perfect for a single target. The batteries in the gun ensure that the motor is powered. When it’s powered it imparts force and acceleration on the projectiles that shoot them out of the gun.

They also produce high rates of fire and accuracy. So if you’re a sniper, you’ll need an electric airsoft gun.

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These guns are known for their gear boxes with gears made from plastic or metal. This is no brainer either. The metal gears are more durable compared to plastic gears. When there’s too much battery voltage, the rate of fire automatically increases. This may be a good thing. Sometimes it contributes to the wearing of the gear box and other systems in the gun.

Electric airsoft guns are complex compared to their opponents. So they need regular maintenance, care, and repairs. Just ensure that the repairs are done by someone who’s qualified for your own safety.

Spring Guns

Just as the name suggests, these airsoft guns use tension springs. This, in other words, means that you’ll have control over the gun. The spring gives velocity to the gun which releases the projectiles.

These guns use manual power provided by the user to impart the velocity of the projectiles. So the spring puts pressure on the projectiles when the gun is cocked. So once you release the trigger the projectiles shoot out of the gun.

These guns are cheaper and there are low chances of you messing up when you’re using it. The only disadvantage is that you can’t find semi-automatic or fully automatic shotguns.

Compared to electric guns, these spring guns are available in a huge number of local retailers. The fact that they don’t use batteries to power them can be very efficient especially when you go to those remote areas with no electricity like during military simulations.

Gas-Powered Guns

These guns just as the name suggests use propane gas called 13a green gas. This is a relatively new concept but one that is being embraced by people world over.

The 13a green gas is loaded into the gun. Once this is done, a little bit of it is released at very high pressure. This high pressure released is targeted at the projectiles in the gun. This will, in turn, push out the projectiles at high speeds towards your target.

Compared to spring and electric guns, this gas is supposed to be replaced over and over again. This is because, without it, the projectiles won’t really be shot out.

These guns aren’t available for sniper guns. They also need a lot of care and maintenance. The only caution you need to take with the 13a gas is that it shouldn’t be used in cold environments. So you can find other safe alternatives like CO2

Final Verdict

So there you have it all. I hope you have learned some insight on how airsoft guns work. The other factor that goes hand in hand with this article is the best airsoft pistol. There are so many of them out there. So, depending on your operations and preferences, choose one that will give you an amazing experience.

If you’re looking for an outdoor sport that will engage literally every muscle in your body, airsoft is the direction to go. Other than the pellets and bbs, you can use grenades. Not the real life ones, there are Airsoft grenades. You can use them to add a little bit of umph.

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