7 Steps of How To Polish Hardwood Floors? – The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know how to polish hardwood floors? Hardwood floors have become a common feature of flooring. They are designed as either structural or aesthetic. They come in various colors, styles, cuts, and species. Their finish has an attractive outlook hence they appear shiny and presentable. To achieve this look always, a regular polishing is needed.

How To Polish Hardwood Floors

This should be done after two to four months. A weekly cleaning is of great essence too. The main reason for the polishing is because the floor polish fills scratches hence protecting the finish against damage and over cleaning. Proper maintenance keeps the floors looking new for years.

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7 Steps of How To Polish Hardwood Floors

 01:  Determining the finish of your hardwood floor

Different floors always have different finishes. This, therefore, means that for good care of your hardwood floor finish, before going ahead polishing, you ought to have determined your finish. This helps to determine how you go on with your polishing process.

Lack of finish determination spoils your finish hence the loss of the attractive outlook and shiny appearance. For polyurethane finish, the water-based polish is the best for use. On the other hand, for other finishes, wax-based polish is preferred. To avoid toxic chemical exposure, always buy polish free of volatile organic compounds.

 02:  Buy the right polish

Most of us are the major cause of the damages on our hardwood floor finishes. These damages start with the choice of polish we purchase. As we go for shopping it is wise having the mindset that cheaply is expensive. Some of us use it as a cliché but in real life, it is the mere truth. This purchase is always determined by the finish of your floor. This tells you that the first step of determining the finish of your hardwood floor is the most essential.

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 03:  Read the instructions

I must admit that most of us have fallen victims of our own ignorance. Many are the times we buy items and go ahead using them without taking time to look at the instructions. This is ignorance for lack of a better word because the labels are always attached. From these labels, clear instructions are given.

Some of us remember the labels after we have already messed up. It is advisable to first read through the instructions before polishing your floor. This helps to avoid spoiling your finish like whether to first wax or sand floors.

 04:  Test an area of your floor

One may wonder why it is necessary to test an area of your floor yet you earlier on determined your floor finish. This helps determine if the polish reacts with your finish. The most common reaction is discoloration of your finish.

It is better testing a small part of your floor before going ahead to discolor the entire floor. This is done on surfaces always covered by furniture or rugs or closets. Apply the polish and afterward wipe with a microfiber cloth. If no damage, polish entire floor but if any, seek contractor’s advice.

 05:  Apply the polish

This step might sound like a by the way procedure. It is essentially important just like the other steps. Application of the polish takes into consideration the appropriate directions for applying the polish. The considerations during polish application include; spraying the polish directly on the floor, applying directly to the floor or applying using a cloth first.

The application is always done in accordance to the finish and grain. One should use a feathering technique of wiping the polish. This technique is done in a semi-circle manner. Overlap your feathering strokes for a streak-free finish.

 06:  Work from the interior corner outward

During this process, always work on small sections at a time. First, cover the section you want to work on moving gradually across the width to the next corner. Polish until you reach the last corner. Begin moving inwardly to polish the center of the room.

The area by the doorway should be polished last. This is so as to avoid ruining your hardwood. For waxed floors, apply two to three layers of polish rather than one thick layer. Wait for the coat to dry up completely. Preferably twenty-four hours before applying next layer.

 07:  Allow the polish to dry completely

After accomplishing your perfectly hard work, aim for a good finish. The final product is always the overall crown of all the other builder procedures. Take your time and allow the polish to dry up completely. You might be wondering how this is possible.

Avoid the rush may be to catch up some news or sit down for coffee. This is human, but why bring all your efforts to waste? Your floor may feel tacky or sticky before drying up completely. For the best results, wait for six hours before walking in socks, twenty-four hours before stepping with shoes and replace furniture in two days.

Important Tips Of Polishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors always have an attractive appearance. One should always aim at maintaining this finish for years to come. This can be achieved by:

  • First go ahead to establish the finish of your floor
  • Purchase the right polish in accordance to your finish
  • Read the instructions on the labels
  • Test an area of your floor 
  • Apply the polish
  • Work on your floor from interior corner outwardly
  • Allow polish to dry up completely

Final Verdict

As much as everyone has their own procedure for cleaning hardwood floors, the above is the perfect one. This is so because the floors are very sensitive hence great care is of great importance. The finish is always worth calling for a second look.

This can be achieved for years to come. One may wonder how about the fill buckling? This question, therefore, drives my point home pinpointing the importance of polishing hardwood floors frequently. This polishing is also tied to cleaning. The procedures above will, therefore, maintain the attractive look for years. So think already you have got your solution about how to polish hardwood floors.

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