How to Install CB Radio Antenna – Set Up & Hook Up

Since the time is passing by, we are growing along with it. And the discovery of science is moving faster in the accrual of the upcoming technologies and the inventions that have already been invented. As we belong to a world where we barely face any kind of difficulties to communicate with someone who stays in another corner of the world. And things are much easier to understand about technology. Not the coding but simply installing a device. Even a kid from preliminary school can play PUBG better than an adult. So, we are hoping that it also won’t be harder to install a CB radio and as well as the best CB radio antenna. And for your convenience, we are trying our best to make it as detailed as we possibly can. In this post we will discuss every details about How to Install CB Radio Antenna.

Before you start up, you definitely need to settle up an antenna that is available in the stores or online shops. Since there is a lot of different varieties of these antennas are obtainable in the market. You need to choose the suitable one for you.

How to Install CB Radio Antenna

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And now, probably you will be thinking okay I have bought it, now there’s no complexity in installing this. But let us tell you it’s not that easy the way it seems to be. But it will be easier if you go through the process and do things accordingly. Now let’s get straight to the installation process;

Choosing a suitable location for CB Antenna:

As this is an antenna, you better need to choose a suitable location for installing your CB radio. It is necessary to place the antenna in the righteous place, where it will work properly. And the suitably best place is the top of the roof. Where the connections will be available without any obstacles and will have great coverage of the plane.

You’ll be needing a coil for the antenna above the line of the roof of your vehicle where you’ll be installing this antenna. And many of us will be wanting the antenna to be tall enough to get the signals and of course not to get smacked with other obstacles there.

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Installing the Mount of The Antenna:

This process may get simple to complicated, what you have to do is follow the instruction as closely as possible to not to mess the installation process up. Thing is, the mount is built with magnet tools and simply gets set on the roof of the vehicles. The door jamp mount requires measurement and drilling. It needs adjustments to ensure the vertical of the antenna.

Routing the Antenna cable of the coax:

Here’s the turn where you need to rout out the cable of the coax. It can be familiar to those who have installed stereo speakers in their vehicles. But it’s barely predictable a single step to someone to route out the coax cable who are new here to do the step. Then this is for you, you just simply need to follow the following instructions;

  • You’ll be needing a cable with a PL259 removable if it’s possible. Thing is it is much easier to run a coax without a big connector on.
  • The next gradation is to follow to figure a way out that will leave you up with as tiny slack as possible.
  • You should be avoiding alternators which will create noise in the line.
  • You’ll need to maintain a minimum intervening space from other vehicles.
  • Do not even try to shorten the coax, since it is already built in the consideration of the specific lengths of the CB antennas and almost all of these come with the specific increment and that is 3 feet. Nothing more nothing less.
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Final Step: Tuning the CB Radio Antenna:

Here is the final step, where you’ll get to finally tune the antenna and your CB radio will be activated. This step will content you to optimize the system of the antenna and will be ensuring that your radio doesn’t get damaged. And here is a note that must need to stay in your mind, which is you need to tune your antenna before you transmit your radio with it. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that your radio may get damaged forasmuch as of the high SWR Readings.

What is the necessity of an antenna?

Here is the fact, most of us may think that the antenna is just for no use when the signals do not work properly and many of us think of that without an antenna, we barely can use any kind of wireless electronic devices such as Bluetooth, television, internet and so on. The truth is the internet plays the most vital role in providing network or tracking down the signals. It works for the property of any kind of wireless device because it helps to transmit and receive the radio frequency signals.

The range of the antenna:

The range of the antenna actually varies and depends on the devices we are operative to use with this. For example, for the use of a Television we need almost 150 miles ranged antenna. And for radio just as CB radio we’ll be needing 3 feet ranged since this is the range, we will get in the market for CB radio.

What’s more about CB Antenna?

Here is a warning alert you can consider, which is while tuning an antenna you must need to be aware of the time your antenna gets moved. In that case, you must need to add a spring or immediately disconnect. Then you will be needing a metal component which should be large in size. Then you need to hit the antenna and changing the length of the coax and switching to a different mount. So, it does not get damaged.

Hope from above discussion you understand How to Install CB Radio Antenna by yourself. If you are having any problem to install, just comment below. We will try to help our best.

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