Can You Dry Your Car With A Leaf Blower?

Most of us are familiar with using leaf blowers to clean your stuck gutter, removing cobwebs and dust from corners and blowing debris and leaves on the ground among other uses. Did you know that you can also use a leaf blower to dry your vehicle? Yes, you can, but do not use the tool to dry your dog!

Dry Your Car With A Leaf Blower

Cleaning and drying your car is one of the most important car maintenance regimes. The last thing that you want to find on your car after leaving the car wash is water spots and streaks. Even after applying a coat of wax, it is possible to find the water spots on the surfaces of your car which makes it look bad.

To give your car a gorgeous look after washing, spend some time to dry the car so you can maintain its shiny look. You can use a leaf blower to dry your car and it works amazingly well.

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Why Choose A Leaf Blower To Dry Your Car?

Why should you use a leaf blower and yet there are car dry towels designed for the job? Well, there are a few reasons that make a leaf blower an important tool when it comes to drying your car.

Works Well

A leaf blower does the job better. In as much as you can be thorough when you are using a microfiber towel, it is hard to dry all the water drops on your car. Water will hide in the cracks and crevices and this can be tough to dry with a towel. Places like grills, lights, lug nuts and side molding trap the water and you won’t even notice it until you start driving.

Easy To Use

Drying your car with a leaf blower will take less time as compared to a towel. The toll is easy to use because you just need to hold it and walk around your vehicle to dry all the places effortlessly. Using this method, you will experience less reaching and crouching as compared to using a towel. So, if you have an electric leaf blower, plug it and make drying your car fun and simple task.

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Faster Drying

Imp sure you don’t have all the time to clean and dry your car. A leaf blower provides you with the quickest method of drying your vehicle. As compared to using a microfiber towel, it will only take you a few minutes to dry your car with a leaf blower. It doesn’t matter the size of your vehicle; you can achieve a quick drying.

Doesn’t Scratch Your Car

Scratches all over your car not only affect its exterior look but also reduce the resale value. You want your car to look new for many more years to come. If you don’t want to scratch your car when you are drying, use a leaf blower. Since there is no contact, your car’s paint will always look great.

It Is Safe

Using a leaf blower is safe on your car’s paint. The fact that the tool was designed to do a specific job doesn’t mean it is not safe. The toll will not affect the paint or cause any scratches on the car’s exterior. So, get a car dryer blower for yours and enjoy a simple and fun way to dry your car after washing.

It Is Fun

When people pass by and see you drying your car with a leaf blower, they might think that you are weird. As a car owner, no one can understand the fun when you are watching the wind from the blower moving all over your car. Moreover, chasing all the beads now becomes a fun game.

Some Downsides of Leaf Blowers

Just like other products, everything has a positive and negative side. Though there are fewer complaints about leaf blowers, some of the negatives include:

They Are Loud

It doesn’t matter whether you are using an electric or gas powered leaf blower, all of them produce noise during operation. If you find the noise disturbing, you can get ear protection. It is also great to avoid washing your car early in the morning or late at night to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

Difficult To Use In Tight Spaces

This happens especially where you wash your car near other cars or in a single garage. The long tube of the machine might be difficult to use in tight spaces. This means that you need to stand some feet away so that you can maneuver the blower with ease.

People Might Think You Are Weird

Those who don’t understand the importance of using a leaf blower to dry your car might find you strange.

Choosing the Right Leaf Blower to Dry Your Car

You don’t have to break your bank to get a quality leaf blower. There are many affordable models on the market. The most important thing that you want is a blower that moves moist air. Personally, electric models are the best.

I find electric models well suited for car drying. You can also use gas models, but I don’t like the whole idea of filling it with fuel and oil. Also, there are a few myths that gas blowers might spray exhaust, gas, and oil at your car’s paint, but of course I don’t believe that.

Battery powered leaf blowers also work well, but they can be expensive to acquire. The battery life is also a significant concern for most people. This is why I recommend electric models because you need to plug it and dry your car without worrying about battery life.

Wrapping Up

If you have been wondering if you can use the leaf blower lying in your garage to dry your car, you are right. The tool works perfectly to dry your car, and it provides the best outcome. It doesn’t cause any harm to your car’s paint so you should not worry. Additionally, it is fast, safe and fun to use. If you have been using a microfiber towel, you can try a leaf blower, and you will love it.

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