Crosman Stinger P311 Review – The Ultimate Guide!

Crosman Stinger P311 Review: It is a well-known fact that Crossman is a leading name in airgun manufacturing, with a clean record for making quality products, and this airsoft gun from them is no different. It is built to impress and looks great with good performance to boot.

Crosman Stinger P311 Review

The Stinger P311 is one of the best options in the market for an airsoft newbie and is also well loved by veterans and all other expertise levels, as it has managed to please almost everybody who has used it before and here’s why. We will start with are some exceptional features:-


This gun’s hammer is hands down the coolest feature about it. It has a full hammer, which most & best airsoft pistols do not have. Users get to experience the realism on this gun because when pulling the slide, the hammer automatically cocks back like real guns do.

GameFace ASP311B Stinger P311B Spring-Powered Single-Shot...
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GameFace ASP311B Stinger P311B Spring-Powered Single-Shot...
  • STINGER P311 REPEATER AIRSOFT PISTOL - With lever safety
  • SPRING-POWERED - With 12-round drop-out magazine


It is a medium-sized, spring powered air pistol that can shoot with a velocity of up to 325 FPS on a range of 20 to 30 feet.In terms of speed and range, lighter BBs will give you the best results like the .12g BBs. This range of 20-30 feet is the range up to which this pistol can give you straight shots. Beyond that, the bullet tends to curve.

In terms of accuracy, this gun is fantastic and amazingly accurate, especially with heavier BBs like .20 gram BBs. The magazine is easy to load, and the magazine capacity is 12 shots. The quality spring powerplant and the single cocking motion system that compresses a spring balanced to release powerful shots.

Ease of Use

The Crossman Singer P311 is easy to use. The slide that pulls back cleanly and swiftly makes the time between shots shorter. Also, the magazine springs out and ejects quickly making reloading a few times quicker as compared to other airguns where you need to push and shake the magazine for it to release and fall out.

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However, caution has to be taken when taking out the magazine with few BBs left as you run the risk of spilling them everywhere and you will be picking them off the ground for a good amount of time.


Another good feature about this gun is the safety. The Crossman Stinger P311 on/off the safety is located on the left side, above the combat grip. It is triangular in shape and has to be flipped up to turn it on and flipped down to turn off safety.


  • Steel spring is made of very high-quality materials, making it hard to beat
  • Can shoot multiple BBs in one shot, but this depends on the number of times you pump it.
  • Looks good and realistic
  • Great performance and accuracy (with heavier BBs)
  • Shoots with a velocity of 325 FPS
  • An elite option for target practice shooting
  • Easy to load magazine
  • Has a stable weight and can fit in any holster


  • The size is a little too big as it cannot fit in the average-size jeans pocket
  • When loading BBs into the pistol, run the risk of touching the side button, and the loaded BBs will immediately shoot out.
  • In comparison to the rest of the unit, the magazine feels cheaply made

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are airsoft batteries/chargers universal?

No, they are specific to the model.

Q: Where can I get service or parts for my airsoft gun?

Many sources are available online. They are ready to assist with whatever questions and are willing to help you find parts that are compatible with your particular pistol.

Q: At ranges over 20-30 feet, why do the BBs tend to curve?

This is a common problem in every pistol. The solution is to use heavier .20 gram BBs as they tend to curve less than lighter .12 gram BBs.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of airsoft guns and target shooting, the Singer P311 is an ideal sidearm choice. Its performance is reliable and is a good choice for beginners and veterans alike.

In this in-depth review, you get to see that it has an array of amazing features which impact positively on the performance and ease of use and reliability. If you are searching the market for an airsoft gun, this is your best bet, believe me.

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