Best Way to Dry a Car After Washing – The Ultimate Guide

Is drying my car after washing it that important? Well, yes it is, learning the best way to dry a car after washing will grantee that your car maintains its quality for resale and it keeps its paint as good as new. We have given you a quick guide on how to dry a car after washing.

Best Way to Dry a Car

You may be thinking that your car can dry on its own eventually, but that will only put it at great risk. This is because the water will evaporate and leave deposits which will dry off to form spots. They end up making your car look more terrible than it did before you washed it

Therefore, let us show you the best way to dry a car because we all love to ride in a good looking well-maintained car.

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What tools are the best to dry a car after washing?

Drying a car can seem very easy, but once you use the wrong type of fabric, then you will end up damaging your car’s finish, in this case, the paint. After washing your car, you have to get the best type of cloth or method to dry your car.

When the car is clean, you can let the water drip for 1-2 minutes, and then you can start the drying process. You can opt for any of these four tools as they are the safest and best ways to dry a car.

The chamois towel

This is the most common tool used as it is considered to be the best at different cleaning and drying tasks. Most chamois towel manufacturers use mountain sheep leather or goat to make the towels. This makes them super soft, absorbent and none abrasive.

Synthetic chamois towels are not as durable as those made from sheep leather, but they can also dry your car without leaving scratches. You can go for a synthetic towel for PVA because they are affordable and can be easily washed by the washing machine.

While using your chamois towel to dry your car, you must slightly dampen the towel first. This is because a dump chamois towel absorbs and soaks water quickly than a completely dry one. You can spread the towel flat on the surface you wish to dry and then pull the towel towards you across the water. In order to avoid streaking, you have to fold the towel in two and then begin to wipe dry the car.

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Microfiber dryer towels

Since some chamois towels are a little expensive for some car owners, you can go for the microfiber dryer towels. These towels work well on any car and leave no marks or scratches, and they are super absorbent compared to the chamois towels.

They dry the car quickly and don’t leave any streaks. You need to dampen the towel a little, and then you begin drying the car. Then you can repeat the process we have mentioned on the chamois towels as you can work the same with the microfiber towels.

You can start off by drying the roof of the car, then start on the flat surfaces and later you can work on the cracks and crevices. These towels absorb more water than the chamois towels.

Cloth lint-free diapers

Ok, this may seem a little weird, but it’s not. We all love what works best, no matter how awkward it may be. We have included these because most professional retailers are using this tool. We tried it ourselves and hey it works like magic. So let’s see how it works.

Get a diaper in each hand and start drying the car with one hand followed by the other hand. Do this until the leading diaper is wet. Get a fresh diaper and place it in the hand which follows the leading hand while cleaning. The leading diaper will always get wet first, and you can keep changing until you finish drying the car.

You may use 5-8 diapers to get the job done. These diapers will leave your car looking as good as new. You can wash the diapers and let them dry to be used for your next car drying session.

Car dryer blower

This is actually the quickest tool you can use to dry your car. If you hate spending too much time drying your car, then you can invest in a car dryer blower. Once the car has been washed and rinsed, you can let the water drip for a few minutes and then turn on your dryer to do the rest for you.

A car dryer blower can dry your whole car in a matter of a few minutes. There are plenty of car dryer blowers available on the market today and if you don’t own one already then allow us to recommend just a few of the best such as:

  • Bissel cleaning bundle
  • Metro master blaster system
  • Metro air blaster
  • Detail king tornador
  • Chemical guys Acc 303
  • Vac master professional
  • Shelandy powerful dryer
  • Vac master detachable
  • Adam’s air cannon
  • Metro vac MB-3CD

We recommend that you go ahead and review each of them and other blowers to get what will work best in your car.

Why you should dry your car after washing it?

Like we mentioned before, drying your car is very essential and we grantee it is not a waste of your time. Matter of fact, it will save you a lot of maintenance money, especially on your car paint. You have probably seen several people drying their cars at the automatic car wash and wonder why waste all that time instead of letting the car dry out on its own. Well, we will gladly tell you why?

The water used to wash your car consists of natural minerals which are left behind when the car is left to air dry. These residues will eventually disappear, but they will leave streaks, spots and deposits on your car. This will make your car look very dirty than it once was before you washed it.

Cars with dark paint finish look worse when they are left to air dry. The sun tends to highlight your cars imperfections making it look more uncared for. Imagine having the worst looking car in the middle of a parking lot.

The residues left behind after evaporation can also harm your car paint. This won’t happen just in one car drying session but after repeated air drying periods. The calcium and other minerals left behind will continuously destroy your car paint slowly.

How to properly dry your car

Now that you know why you should dry your car after washing it, we are now going to give you some pointers on how to dry out a car after washing it to give it the best look it deserves.

Start with a proper rinse

Once you finish washing your car thoroughly, spray the body with a hose on either a light or medium spray setting. The main objective here is to allow the water to spread evenly on your car body without using too much pressure. This water will pull anything remaining on the car body without any splatters.

Once you are done, let the water drip for a few minutes and then get working on the next step.

Get the right drying tools

We don’t recommend the use of rags or old t-shirts. Such materials can cause damage to your car as they have rough surfaces, and some can’t absorb water entirely. We recommend you use microfiber towels or any of the tools mentioned above to dry out the car because they are the best way to dry a car after washing.

You can keep any of those towels in your car to have a good and quick-drying solution in case you wash your car from the automatic car wash. Invest in these towels as well as a squeegee as they are also the great way to dry a car.

Start drying the car

Dampen your preferred car drying towel and then start drying the car from top to bottom. This is because some water from the top can still be dripping if you choose to start from down you will have to repeat drying it again.

Once you are done drying the exterior of the car, you then have to open the doors and start drying the sill areas of the car.

Dry the wheels and the tires separately from the rest of the car

You must have two towels for drying your car. The second towel should only be used to dry the wheels and the tires, and it shouldn’t be used to dry any other parts of the car. This is because the brake dust and grit can be easily transferred to the towel that you are using to dry.

Work fast

During hot summer days, you must be able to work really fast when drying your car. The longer you take, the faster it will be for the water to evaporate and leave spots on your car. In this case, using a car dryer blower can be very handy as you can get the work done fast.

You don’t have to worry if you own one thou since we have detailed for you how to dry out a car, you can work pretty fast even while using towels.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

Q: What happens if you don’t dry the car after wash?

The water will evaporate and leave behind some natural minerals which will dry and leave spots and deposits on your car. This makes the car look dirty, just like before you washed it.

Q: What should I use to dry my car after washing?

You can use any of these a car dryer blower, a microfiber towel, a chamois towel or cloth lint-free diapers.

Q: How can I dry my car faster?

There are many ways to dry your car fast, but the fastest way is to use the best car dryer blower. This will enable you to get the car dry both inside and the exterior in no time.

Q: What is the best towel to dry a car?

The best would be a quality microfiber towel. This is because it can soak up much water than any other traditional chamois towels would with much less effort.

Q: Can you air dry a car?

Yes, you can, but it is not advisable. This is because it will be as good as not washing it at all because it will leave your car with spots and deposits that will make the car look dirty.

Q: How does a car blower work?

It heats a large quantity of air and then forces it out through the nozzles. This heated air then dries the surface of the car rapidly. It works just like a hairdryer does.

Q: How do you dry out the interior?

Get your microfiber towel and then open your car doors. Start drying the interior that has water. Using a dryer blower will help you get out all the water in even hard to reach places inside the car.

Q: What do you do if water gets in your car?

Use a wet/dry vac to suck the water out. Use your car towels so that they soak up the water. Once you’re done, position a fan to blow across the car floors and seats. If you can’t get a fan, then blast your car’s heater to start the drying process.

Wrapping Up

While washing your car is very important, drying it is also equally important. This is a good car maintenance practice as it will keep your car looking good and it will keep the paint from dust and dirt. The car paint will last longer, and you won’t have to change it every now and then.

Riding in a good looking well-maintained car can add to your prestige. With this guide, we hope we have detailed for you the best way to dry a car after washing it. Go through it and don’t forget to review some the best car dryer blower as well as the best microfiber and chamois towels to get what will work best on your car. This will ensure that your car remains as good as new after every wash.

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