Best Spring Airsoft Pistols – Review And Buying Guide

Choosing the right airsoft pistol can be overwhelming because there are so many products currently available on the market. Whether you are an airsoft pro or simply looking for a pistol to mess up with your friends, you need to spend your money buying a best spring airsoft pistols so that you can enjoy playing.

These pistols provide the best range, and they work well with beginners. If you are out there weighing options on which model to settle for, I’m the good person who will help you get the best.

‚ÄčHaving used different types of spring loaded guns, I believe I can give you information on how to get the best product that you will enjoy using. Continue reading to find out top reviews of the best selling spring loaded guns.

Best Spring Loaded Airsoft Pistols РComparison Chart

NameVelocityMZ CapacityInterested?
BB Spring Sniper Rifle Gun/Pistol 315‚Äč+ FPS 75 Round
Black Ops Airsoft Guns Collection 300 FPS 1000 Round
TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun 300 FPS 10+ Round
60 Electronic Airsoft Gun 325 FPS 300 Round
Airsoft Gun Package Great for Starter‚Äč 300 FPS 15/50 Rounds

Things To Consider

Finding a great airsoft pistol is a result of extensive research and study. This requires you to know what exactly you need to be looking out for in getting that excellent spring loaded airsoft pistols. Those factors are broken down below.


The weight of your gun will say how well you perform out on the field. There are those who like a more realistic feel to the gun which comes with a heavier gun while others feel a lighter rifle is easier to handle and poses less stress on the person. Therefore based on preference, the weight of your gun should be right to make sure you operate at optimum.

Material Making Up The Gun

The material making up any product including your airsoft gun is something really important to look into when buying or shopping. The material making up whatever you are buying determines a lot of things including how long what you are buying is likely to last, how effective it will be at doing what you expect it to do, how sturdy it will be amongst a host of other things.

So mostly, airsoft guns come made of either metal or plastic, and these are different in their way of plastic being a bit lighter and simpler to handle while the metallic one is heavier and many times prone to bending.

Type Of Gun, Manner Of Operation

Airsoft guns have different manners of operation that differentiate them from each other. There are three main types of guns when you look at them from this lens. There are spring powered guns, gas powered guns, and automatic electric guns.

Spring powered rifles are made of cheap material, tend to be low quality and can be tedious when fighting others with AEGs. The rate of firing is slower so you may not have to reload too frequently. The gas powered ones use gas (propane, green gas, and CO2), they perform well but are expensive to buy use and maintain.

Magazine Capacity

Magazine capacity refers to how much “ammunition” your airsoft gun can carry. Depending on the play, everyone will differ on how much “ammunition” they would like for their guns.

‚ÄčThere are three different airsoft gun magazine capacities including low capacity, average capacity, and high capacity. If you are one who likes reloading, then you might be okay with the low capacity magazine which needs you to reload, and if you are the opposite, then a higher capacity magazine should suffice.


For anyone no matter who you are, you need to have a budget within which you expect your product of choice will fall. Whatever you are buying and getting should neither be too expensive that buying it will send you to a state of pocket emptiness nor too cheap to make you suspicious of its quality and effectiveness.

Thus in shopping for your spring loaded airsoft pistol make sure you always have your preferred budget at the back of your mind every time so that you run every price you come across, by it and make sure you are not overdoing anything.

Top 5 Best Spring Airsoft Pistols Reviews


#01: 2 in 1 Mini Airsoft


Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

The physical specifications of your airsoft gun you will find, are very important factors in helping you achieve an effective and exciting experience. Beginning with the weight, to length and feet per second the specifications of your gun will have a lot of bearing on your play. This gun boasts some good specifications including, a net weight of 2.65 Lbs., has a length of 36″ and has 315+ feet per second.

The magazine of this airsoft gun is one that holds enough to make sure you don’t have to keep loading your gun every few seconds. It holds 75 rounds, and of these, 8 are in the clip while 67 are in the BB holding pin.

Spring rifles are known to be among the best performing airsoft guns in the market today and the 2 in 1 Mini BB spring¬†airsoft sniper rifle¬†gun and side arm Pistol- ¬Ĺ scale is one made to use springs in its operation. This makes it one of the top performers.


  • Elegant design with blazing orange tip
  • 75 round magazine¬†
  • 1/1 scale sniper rifle
  • Includes spring sniper rifle, see through scope and red laser.¬†


  • Restricted from shipment into the state of New York¬†
  • The scope doesn’t zoom in.


#02: BB Tac Airsoft Black Ops Gun Package

Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

This airsoft rifle is made with powerful springs that work to make for a powerful and effective strike. Spring powered rifles work better than their gas-powered counterparts and as a result can be trusted to do a good job, a better job.

It is the most exciting thing to have a rifle that comes as close as possible to the real thing, almost a recreation of the real gun just not as lethal. The BB Tac airsoft gun package- black Ops collection of airsoft guns– is an almost realistic replica with a detailed finish and plastic construction. This is a great starter gun for those who are beginners.

The easier, the better especially in this generation. We want something that can begin working as fast as we unpack it from its packaging. This rifle package includes airsoft 6mm pellets ammo with which you can start shooting just right away. Again this is a factor that works very favorably for beginners in airsoft.


  • Powerful spring-loaded¬†
  • Realistic replica¬†
  • Ready to play
  • Fast and easy loading¬†
  • Extra value saving


  • It is not automatic


#03: TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun

Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

You will know a good product straight away when you set eyes on it, and this gun is one of those products you get impressed with as soon as you see it.

The gun is lightweight making handling easy, compact paintball pistol with an easy to maintain design. A gun that looks great and still performs wonderfully is just attractive, pulling.

It is hectic to keep loading your gun and thus the more your magazine can carry the better, or even the more magazines it has, the better.

The Tippman TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun has 2 Tru- Feed straight stack magazines with low- tension spring systems. You can bet on this gun to not just be powerful enough but also hold as much ammo to keep you concentrating on getting that opponent rather than loading and reloading your gun.

The design and look of your gun will determine whether you get a realistic feel of the whole experience or if it’s just like any other game .This gun boasts a true military style paintball system in a compact, lightweight design. The lightweight quality gives it the advantage of being easy to handle.


  • Lightweight, compact paintball pistol¬†
  • 2 Tru-Feed straight stack magazines with low tension spring systems ¬†
  • Under- barrel 12-gram Co2 air system with metal trigger
  • External velocily adjuster¬†
  • Include maintenance kit


  • No holster


#04: 60 Electronic Sight Flashlight Airsoft Gun

Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

The velocity of your airsoft gun should be one of the things you consider in buying or shopping for one. The velocity which in airsoft guns is measured in feet per second gives you more power more ability. The spring sa80 rifle fps- 60 electronic sights, flashlight airsoft gun 185a2 boasts 325 fps with a range of 80- 90 feet.

Again the much your magazine can carry tells how frequent you will have to load and reload your gun. The more your magazine carries, the less you have to struggle loading and reloading. This is why this gun comes with a magazine capacity of 300 rounds.

The barrel length of this gun is 16 inches while the overall length of the gun is about 0.5 inches. These physical measurements work towards achieving an effective play.


  • 325 feet per second
  • 300 rounds magazine capacity¬†
  • Red dot sight
  • Overall length of 30.5 inches


  • Hard to cock the charging handle


#05: Great Starter BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

Best Spring Airsoft Pistols

This is a spring gun, and as seen from above, spring guns are the stuff that gives airsoft guns the good name. They make them worth the name guns. This gun is powerful spring loaded shooting powerfully at 300 fps.

Having a replica of the real gun gives you a very realistic feel of the actual situation, and you get more excitement from the gun in this nature.

As easy as plug and play. The package that this airsoft gun comes in includes airsoft 6mm pellets to start shooting as soon as you unpack. Easy and ready to play.


  • Powerful spring-loaded¬†
  • Full-size real scale
  • Ready to play


  • Not automatic guns¬†
  • Complaints of difficulty in loading

Final Verdict

Achieving a good game of airsoft requires that you get yourself a good gun and to get a good gun you need to know what you should be on the lookout for. These five guns are good guns to direct your attention towards if you are out for a good airsoft gun.