10 Best Night Vision Scope For The Money

Have you ever located a target or gone hunting at night? I am sure if you are a hunter or military personnel, this is not a new aspect to you. To get the best shot and acquire your target, having the best night vision scope for the money that cater for your needs is important. Night vision scopes provide the needed accuracy and efficiency in low light conditions.

Night scopes come in all varieties, but choosing the best one becomes a little tricky. That is why I am going to take you through the top rated night vision scopes reviews. I have highlighted only the top 10 scopes that you can rely on for the best hunting and target acquisition at night.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Money – Buying Guide

Now that we have highlighted the various benefits derived from the top 10-night vision scopes. We also have to include some factors to consider before acquiring any of the above scopes. Here is a well- researched guideline just for you.

Night Vision Magnification

While you are choosing the perfect night vision scopes for the money, it is important to consider the magnification of any scope. Scopes may have a magnification of up to 10x, this implies that the scopes are bigger. But bigger scopes may not be a good choice to most of you. That is why the recommended magnification should range between 3x to 5x which is sufficient for night vision scopes.

IR illumination

A great important factor to consider in choosing the right scope is the IR illumination. Although this light is not visible to the human eye, it lights up the view then the scope amplifies this light. This, in turn, leads to brighter and clear images. This means you have to choose the type of scope with the best illumination from the infrared light.


This is a key factor while considering which night vision scope to acquire. When checking the durability of a particular model. These are things to look out for: the body should be made from aluminum, water and abrasion-resistance and shock-resistance optics. This means the model can stand any impact or weather conditions. This provides you with great confidence on how long the model will last.

Digital Vision

When you want to acquire a night vision scope go for the one with digital night vision. This is because digital night vision scopes will take in light and convert it to a signal which is displayed on the screen for you to view. You will end up with clear images while using such scopes, unlike the standard night vision scopes.

Top 10 Night Vision Scopes Comparison

Name & ImagesWeightDimensionsInterested?

ATN X-Sight II Smart
Day & Night Rifle Scope​​​​
2 Pounds 10 x 6 x 6 Inches

Sightmark Photon XT Digital
Night Vision Rifle Scope
2.3 Pounds 18 x 4 x 4 Inches

ATN Thor HD 384
Smart Rifle Scope
2 Pounds 10 x 6 x 6 Inches

Firefield Gen 1
Night Vision Scope
​​​​​1.8 Pounds ​9 x 3.1 x 3.4 Inches

ATN X-Sight II 3 Smart
Day & Night Rifle Scope
2 Pounds 10 x 6 x 6 Inches

Armarsight Orion 5x Gen 1+
Night Vision Rifle Scope
3.7 Pounds 12.7 x 4.6 x 4.1 Inches

ATN X-Sight 5-18
Smart Rifle Scope
2.7 Pounds 10.3 x 3.5 x3.2 Inches

Armasight Vampire 3x
Night Vision Rifle Scope
3 Pounds 10.8 x 3.7 x 3.4 x Inches

Binoculars 6x24 Tsumbay
Waterproof HD Telescope
2.1 Pounds 10.9 x 7.3 x 6.3 Inches

Xgen 2.1x Digital
Night Vision Viewer
7 Ounces 2.2 x 3.5 x 5.2 Inches

 10 Best Night Vision Scopes Reviews

This guide will help you in finding best night vision rifle scope for hunting or shooting at night. Whether you want true third generation scopes or basic first generation scopes, we have got you covered. These scopes have all the aspects that you can find in a standard night vision scope.

#01:  ATN X-Sight II 5-20x/85mm Smart Day and Night Rifle Scope

When looking for a solid scope that has high-tech features, the ATN X-Sight 11 5-20x will be the best selection. The rifle scope comes with inbuilt features that make it easier to view with at night. The accessories available on this scope will provide you with the best hunting or shooting experience.

The model has an option of 7 choices of reticles for a different application. This set it apart from other night vision riflescope. It becomes even easier to acquire your target with its multiple features that work simultaneously to provide you with the best shot.

Here is an insight on the various features and benefits.

Built-in Smart Rangefinder

With a smart rangefinder, you are able to identify your target with only two clicks. From there you are able to adjust the point of impact once the distance is automatically set with ease. This simplifies your life in that you don’t need to carry handheld rangefinders. The feature also enhances your accuracy level.

Ballistic Calculator

With this calculator, you are just required to enter environmental data and the rest calculation are done automatically. That means you are able to easily calculate the precise ballistics for angled and long-range shots, with the use of the ballistic calculator. Therefore, there will be no need of complex charts and reticles.

1080P HD Video and Image output, Recoil Activated Video

This feature enables you not to miss any moment you took your best shot. With HD recording video capabilities, all this is captured once you have activated the recoil activated video. From the moment you viewed your target to the moment you pulled the trigger, all this is captured and saved to the SD card.


  • Crystal clear images and videos in HD quality
  • Easier identification of your target
  • No need for complex charts and reticles
  • The object in field of view is not lost with the magnification


  • Clarity of the night vision is not as expected


When it comes to high tech features, the ATN X-Sight II stand out from the rest night vision scopes. This scope does most of the job for you with its multiple features. All you have to do is make the shot. That is why when it comes to simplicity and versatility the ATN is the best choice.


#02: Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x24S Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Sightmark Photon scope is an advanced first-generation scope which is durable and lightweight compared to other scopes. It provides great performance when it comes to its multiple reticles and long battery life. The scope has a large- gathering objective lens to use the available light. When in need of more light, the IR illuminator lights to provide you with a clear view of the object being targeted.

Let’s have a look on features of this scope.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Money

6 red/green/white digital reticles

This scope has different reticles of various colors that perform various functions. This includes two crossbow reticles designed for various crossbows such as the 320,370 and 400 fps. There is a mil-dot reticle which is suitable for range finding and holdovers. It also has two duplex reticles used for varmint and hog hunting and a german style reticle. This means the scope has different reticles for different purposes giving you maximum benefit when it comes to versatility.

Higher magnification of 4.6x

This magnification allows you to get a better closer view of the target. This implies that you are able to get the best shot without losing your target position. It works together with the large objective lens of 42mm in order to get a detailed view of the object up to 120 yards.

Video Recording feature

The scope has an additional video recording feature to capture the best shot taken while hunting at night or shooting on a target. You are able to get maximum experience of the events while watching these videos on your devices.


  • It has different reticles for different purposes
  • High magnification
  • It has a video output feature
  • Guaranteed precision with elevation adjustment system and digital windage


  • Too long for some rifles


If you looking for a scope that provides you with different reticles for various purposes then this is the right scope for you. With a higher magnification and large optical lens, the scope enhances long eye relief. This scope ensures that you get enhanced precision due to elevation adjustment and utilization of digital windage system.

#03: ATN Thor HD 384 Smart Thermal Rifle Scope

This ATN Thor thermal rifle scope enables you to detect hogs and predators at the cover of the night. This is because the scope uses the thermal vision scope, which easily detects their heat signature since these varmints are mostly active at night. Even if these varmints are hiding behind a bush, this scope is able to penetrate through and find them.

Let’s break down the features of this scope.


Thermal vision capability

The scope takes advantage of the excellent image performance of the 384×288 sensor for hunting at night. The reason for this is that, the thermal scope easily identifies the prey in a cover of the night, during light fog or rain or when prey hides behind grass or bush. This extends your hunting capabilities to another level, making you the ultimate predator.

Ballistic Calculator

In order to calculate the bullet trajectory, the ballistic calculator makes the necessary calculations enabling you to hit the prey. With this calculator, all you have to do is feed the system with raw data and it does the rest for you. This makes it easier and more efficient while you are out hunting or shooting at night.

Smooth zoom

This scope has step zoom systems to keep intact what is in the field of view. When you adjust to the right magnification, it is easy to get up close and personal with the object when using this feature. This makes it easier to have control of your target.


  • It enables detection of prey with the power of thermal 
  • Improves your shot placement
  • Enhances your shooting skills 
  • Provides a smooth zoom


  • You have to press your eye on scope to get a small display


This is the best night vision rifle scope for hunting hogs and predators at night. The thermal vision scope can easily find such prey at night. The scope identifies their heat signature and from there the built-in rangefinder helps you to acquire the target. The multiple features it has make it ideal for those who like hunting at night and capturing the moment in HD quality.

#04: Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Firefield Gen 1 Night Vision Scope is best suited for almost every use with its 3x magnification. The scope features a built-in infrared light, 42mm lens with a lightweight titanium body. These features enable you to hit a particular target in the darkest of nights.

These are features that it holds.

Built-in IR illuminator

The scope is designed with a high built-in power IR illuminator for image enhancement. This illuminator also serves well in darkness to increase your viewing range. With the illuminator, you are able to get the image details of your prey.

Lightweight titanium body and flip-up lens cover

The scope has a rock solid titanium body to ensure the lifeline of this scope is long. It also has a flip-up lens cover that protects the scope from any impact or in harsh weather conditions. When the flip-up lens cover is lifted, it reveals an illuminated red duplex reticle. The reticle together with the incremental brightness adjustment enhances the adaptability of the shooter to the surrounding environment.

Quick-detach weaver mounting system

This system enables you to switch between different optics and even change to iron sights. With a return-to-zero reliability, you can’t lose your focus even after switching to a different optic. This implies you are still able to maintain the position of your image giving you the needed convenience.

42 lens mm objective lens

The large objective lens of 42mm enhances light gathering capabilities providing clarity on the image. This also enables the shooter to take out targets in the medium to long range area when you adjust to the 3x magnification.


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • The illuminator enhances image details
  • You can change optics or switch to iron sights
  • Shooter can adapt to surrounding environment with incremental brightness adjustment


  • It has a limited range


This scope has versatile features for the best experience while hunting at night. It has a powerful magnification of 3x and large objective lens to provide you with a target range that is suitable for shooting or hunting. The built-in power illuminator improves the image clarity and provides a good viewing range. In as far durability and enhanced performance is concerned this is the right mid-price rifle scope.

#05: ATN X-Sight II 3-14x/50mm Smart Day and Night Rifle Scope

The ATN X-Sight II 3-14x digital scope has distinct night vision capability due to the utilization of its high-resolution sensor. This scope utilizes the obsidian II core to perform a number of activities making this scope to be largely conversant with the latest technology.

It has HD resolution system to provide high-quality images and videos of the prey or target in a field of view. This scope also incorporates smart shooting solution to range your target. These are some of the featured attributes.


In order to effectively spot your game, the scope comes with a built-in gyroscope. The gyroscope is responsible for image stabilization by steading your view to avoid any distortion. This ensures that you don’t lose the image of your target in the process you get blur-free images.

Smart rangefinder

The rangefinder enables you to calculate the distance between the object and what you are viewing. Just turn through the wind, adjust the incline angle and you will get a perfect shot instantaneously once the point of impact has shifted. This allows you to easily hit your prey without having to perform complex calculations.

Profile Manager

For an easier application of this scope, just set up a profile in the system menu. This involves recording and saving ballistic and other data in the profile manager. This means you don’t need to reset everything when you change the rifle you want to use on this scope. All the data concerning a particular rifle is saved and secured for future application.


  • Steady and blur-free images
  • High-quality images and videos 
  • No resetting everything every time
  • Range your target without additional equipment


  • It doesn’t have windage and elevation settings


When it comes to high-resolution sensors and high-quality images and videos, this night vision scope tops all the other scopes. It is able to deliver enhanced accuracy and performance with its high tech features. The scope effectively works during the day and night without any hitches using the day and night mode. It means you don’t have to enjoy hunting or shooting experience on half a day but 24 hours.

#06: Armasight Orion 5x Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Armasight Orion 5x Gen 1+ is the best night vision scope for the money under $1,000. The scope provides the needed precision for shooting during the darkest nights. The scope offers you high accuracy while shooting or hunting by utilizing cost-effective technology compared to other scopes.

The scope is of a mid-range magnification of 5x which serves well while out hunting or for tactical operations in the military. The scope will easily mount on any scope due to its standard Weaver-style rail. Below are the product’s features.

Detachable IR-810 infrared illuminator

This scope comes with a detachable infrared illuminator which lights up in the darkest nights. It enables to get a clear view of your prey or target. With its excellent observation acquisition of target, you are able to get a clean shot once the illumination is on.

Powerful 5x magnification

The powerful magnification power of this scope ensures that you attain high accuracy when it comes to target acquisition. You can acquire precision while using the top wheel focus and magnification. This improves your aiming capabilities on game shooting or tactical operations performed by the military.

Rubberized body and water-resistant design

The scope houses the optics and image intensifiers in a rubberized, ruggedly designed aluminum body. It makes the scope to remain intact on impact or when there are shocks. Its water-resistant design ensures that your lens remains dry even in uncomfortable weather conditions like rain.


  • The detachable illuminator lights up in the darkest nights
  • High accuracy and target acquisition done with 5x magnification
  • It has water-resistant lens
  • It has shock-protected optics
  • Standard weaver rails to mount on any rifle
  • You can easily operate the controls and adjustments


  • The screen flickers after a while


The powerful magnification makes this scope to be appealing to hunters, shooters and security personnel. It is also preferred to other scopes due to its rubberized body which provides better grip. When looking for a cheaper night rifle scope that has high-performance then this is the scope for you.

 #07:  ATN X-Sight 5-18 Smart Rifle Scope

The ATN X-Sight 5-18X rifle scope is a multifunctional night vision with useful features. The scope features HD video recording capability, Wi-Fi module, and e-compass. It offers incredible flexibility by using the electronic zoom systems. This means while on a field you are able to acquire greater efficiency compared to the use of other scopes.

In order to get more information on this scope below are some of its features.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Money


This e-compass uses a 3D magnetometer sensor which enables continuous tracking of your direction. This feature comes in handy while you are tracking a buck. You are able to get the precise direction for getting a clean shot of the buck.

Day and night mode

With the day and night feature, you are able to use the scope during the day and night by utilizing the smart optics technology. You are also able to get high-quality images, particularly while in night vision which is in HD aspect.

Water resistance

This is a new feature when it comes to this ATN scope. The scope ability to be water resistant makes it suitable for any weather conditions. This implies you don’t have to worry when you caught up in the rain while hunting.

Built-in Wi-Fi

This feature allows you to connect wirelessly your devices to the scope. This enables you to instantly use your mobile device as a viewfinder, upgrade the scope firmware and even live stream the videos captured.


  • It has video recording capability
  • You are able to get the precise direction using e-compass
  • The scope is water-resistant
  • Create a connection with your devices using the built-in Wi-Fi
  • It has smart optic technology for day and night utilization


  • Limited battery life


This scope incorporates the smart optics technology to enable proper functioning of this scope at night or during the day. With other multiple features, this scope for is the best for any professional work hence look no more than the ATN X-Sight 5-18 night vision scope.

#08: Armasight Vampire 3x Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Armasight Vampire 3x Night Vision Scope features the proprietary Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine (CORE) image tube. This feature provides great benefits when it comes to resolution, clarity of images and photocathode sensitivity. This scope is also made from high quality with resistance to dust, water, and sand. This showcases the efficiency provided by this scope.

To get the detailed application of this scope let’s have a look at the features.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Money

Proprietary Ceramic Optical Ruggedized Engine(CORE) Image Tube

The scope is specifically designed with CORE image tubes. These tubes provide clearer images while using night vision. The high-quality images provided rivals that of Gen 2 high-end image tubes even in low light conditions. This shows the superiority of the scope in terms of clarity of night vision images compared to other scopes.

Tactical rails and adjustable reticles

These rails are responsible for attachment of lasers and detachable long-range infrared illuminator. This makes mounting of the scope easier on a rifle by using the quick release mount feature. In order to make the precise shot, this scope has manually-adjustable reticle and also illuminated reticles to adjust brightness levels.

Water and fog resistant design

To increase the scope reliability, the scope features great resistance to water, fog, and dust. It also features a body made of solid to provide further protection to the scope. This implies that this scope is able to stand any weather conditions or any impact brought on its way.


  • Resistance to dust, water, and fog
  • The scope uses CORE image tubes for high-quality images
  • Tactical rails are responsible for attachment of illuminator and laser
  • It has a manually adjustable reticle and illuminated reticle
  • It has multi-coated glass lenses


  • The scope is heavy and bulky


The scope features CORE image tubes for better clarity on images compared to high-end Gen 2 image tubes. This makes the scope to be at the top when it comes to high-quality images. That is why the scope is ideal for predator hunter and those looking for lightweight night vision rifle scope.

#09: Binoculars 6×24 Tsumbay Waterproof HD Telescope

The binoculars 6×24 Tsumbay Waterproof Telescope has a number of features that make it ideal to fall under the category of night vision scopes. The binocular have a compact design making it easier to travel around with and also serves as a gift choice for others.

To understand why these binocular made it to the top ten, let’s check the features.

BAK-4 prisms and Multi-coated optic prisms

The scope is able to give out a good image when the BAK4 prism reflects light using the multi-coated lens. The performance is also good in low light conditions even if the field of view ranges from 400-1000m.You can also easily calculate the distance between you and the target by using the mil-dot reticle found in the eyepiece.

Sturdy design

This binocular has an abrasion-resistant finish which is rubberized. It also has water-resistant lens to cater for all weather conditions.


  • Provides HD image clarity 
  • Features a range finding function
  • Resistant to water and abrasion
  • Wider field of view 


  • A little bit expensive


For the best viewing experience, these binoculars come with all the features that you need. The binoculars are grouped under night vision scopes since the image clarity is very good even at night. When looking for stylish design binoculars which can act as a gift then this is the best choice.

#10: Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer

The Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer is one of the smallest and modest night vision viewers. With its price being lower than the rest this viewer is affordable to most people. Being a digital device this viewer doesn’t have image intensifier, but it displays image using a low-light CCD camera.

To get to know the viewer better, below are the features.

Best Night Vision Scope For The Money

Infrared light

In order to determine the power of this light, the viewer has five operational modes. You can easily change to any mode you want while using the viewer. Another thing to note is that infrared illuminator will remain active at all times to give you the best view of the object. For the brightness you don’t have to change the settings to adjust it, the viewer automatically adjusts the brightness level offering you great user convenience.


This viewer has a magnification of 2.1x which works for up to a distance of 70 yards. Working together with the illuminator this magnification levels assist to get a closer view of the object even in low light conditions.


  • Has pre-programmed settings
  • It is lightweight and small
  • Good magnification level
  • Clear view with the built-in infrared light


  • Limited objective lens of 20mm


If you are looking for an affordable viewer that gives you the best performance then the Xgen Digital viewer is a perfect choice. With the infrared light that cannot be turned off this viewer is the best for general use. This viewer provides you with modest features within a reasonable budget.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of the review on the best night vision scope for the money. On this page, I have highlighted the scopes which are in the top 10 list. In case you have some dissatisfaction with the features, then the buying guide will give you a better view on the right night vision scope. The models I have highlighted are the best there is and can highly be relied on.