10 Best Leather Repair Kits – Guide and Reviews

How do you repair it when a leather or vinyl get ripped off or fade? Do you use any putty, stitches or any conventional methods to protect it over?

If yes, you should stop right away. We will explain why.

No matter whatever method you (any many like you) used to do, there are certain drawbacks left behind. Either it destroys the visual look of the leather, or it leaves odors or smells back. So, you definitely need the next level solution to come over with it.

The good news is, one of the best leather repair kits can be the right solution to this burning issue. There are a number of perks that these leather repair kits will bring on.

Have a look-

  • They repair and refurbished leather items like almost new.
  • Works on households, car seats and clothes.
  • Easy to do, simple and doesn’t need precise calculation.
  • A number of color combination to match the original​ color.
  • Leaves no odor or spot or bad smells.

So, leather repair kits are excellent in use. And throughout this guide, we’re going to help you with finding the best one for you. Let’s get started-

Best Leather Repair Kits – Comparison Table

Name & ImagesApplicable ForUnit WeightInterested?

Coconix Leather &
Vinyl Repair Kit​
Leather & Vinyl 1.6 Ounces

Chemical Guys HOL_113
Leather Lovers Kit
Leather Only 8.4 Pounds

Furniture Clinic Large
Leather Care Kit
Leather Only 2.2 Pounds

LeatherNu Complete Leather Color
Restoration & Repair Kit
Leather only 10.6 ounces

Leather Re-Coloring Balm
Leather only 8.8 ounces

LeatherPlus - Leather and
Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit​​​​
Leather & Vinyl 8.5 ounces

Doctor Leather and Vinyl
Repair and Restoration Kit
Leather & Vinyl 4 ounces

Superior Leather and Vinyl Repair
& Restoration Kit
Leather & Vinyl 4.6 ounces

MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch
Leather only 3.2 ounces

Scotchgard 4106D-2PK Fabric
& Upholstery Protector
Fabric 1.4 pounds

Top 10 Reviews Of Best Leather & Vinyl Repair Kits

Here are the top 10 leather repair kits reviews- honest, unbiased and based on the real-life benefits only. Hope anyone or more leather repair kits reviews can solve your problem by Gear Spie.

#01: Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit Review



Best Leather Repair Kits


No matter it’s the leather sofa, couch or your own jacket that’s made of leather, we know how much you love these. And in case these leather items get scratched or torn up sometimes, Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit are here to the rescue. In fact, it’s listed #1 in my and many other expert’s lists.

The Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit is a compound that patches up rips without any heat, putty, tape or glue. It comes up with the super easy restoration of leather items with ease and side-effect-free. Even if you have scratches, burns, holes in your leather furniture, clothes or any other household items, this product from Coconix is what you need.


  • Made of 7 base compounds. 
  • Fixes medium and small-sized tears and rips.
  • Easy to understand the instruction. 
  • The best possible result with any putty.
  • Works equally on old and new leather. 


  • Doesn’t work for fabric.



#02: Chemical Guys HOL 113 Leather Lovers Kit Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


Chemical Guys- the enormous brand brings on our second best pick- the Chemical Guys HOL_113 Leather Lovers Kit. No matter you’re working on any type of leather repairing, it will keep the leather looking new with the combination of effective serum and conditioner. An additional benefit it, apart from repairing and cleaning, it will rescue the leather from the odor that causes discomfort. Best used for cars and automobile leathers. But still, can be a good companion at home also.

The serum is odorless, colorless and offers a good value for the money.


  • Premium graded leather with side effect-less compound. 
  • Works as an air freshener and odor eliminator. 
  • Completely sprayable.
  • Both leather serum and conditioner. 
  • Colorless and odorless. 
  • Comes with Chemical Guys microfiber towel. 


  • Price is a bit high.

#03: Furniture Clinic Large Leather Care Kit Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


At #3, we have got something that’s best used for household leather repairing purposes. The Furniture Clinic Large Leather Care Kit is a dedicated cleaner and protector for large repairing purposes. It protects, feeds and re-instates the new condition of your sofa, bed or anything else. It’s basically a combination of Leather Ultra Cream and Leather Conditioner Cream. With a sponge or cloth, you can easily follow the instructions and re-discover the new leather furniture instantly.

To us, this top leather repair kits is a sure success for any kind of leather refurbishing jobs at home or office. Now it’s your turn to check.


  • Two-part leather cleaning kit. 
  • Dedicated to repair, clean and condition home leathers. 
  • Completely safe to use. 
  • Moves even the toughest of the dirt. 
  • Creates effective foaming actions.
  • Lift out the dirt easily. 


  • Not so good vinyl cleaner.

#04: LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit is one of the few good repair kits on the market that can re-dye or touch up the leather condition and repair it to look like a new one. The superb chemical formula and seven colored intermixes can regain any sort of color to the leather. So you can repair and make any kind of holes, burns, rips or cuts look like a new one. The repairing compounds on LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration & Repair Kit are so effective that it works equally on any kind of product like sofas, couches, jackets, car seats and more.


  • A complete DIY consumer kit.
  • Word on torn or faded up leather.
  • Seven intermixes of colors.
  • Mathes any color of the original leather. 
  • Re-dyes the leather. 
  • A very cheap price. 


  • Not best for households.

#05:  Leather Re-Coloring Balm Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


The future clinic, one of the leading brands in the industry of home improvement, brings on their latest Leather Re-Coloring Balm for you. The #5 ranked product on the list is basically a combination of 21 color formulated repair kit, where u can restore the color of faded leather with maximum ease. It’s great for re-coloring or re-furbishing your old leather made products. Also, if leathers have been exposed to sun o heat for quite a long time, Leather Re-Coloring Balm can be the best solution to that. It’s suitable for furniture, shoes, clothes, handbags etc.


  • Expert repairer to restore the faded leather. 
  • Has 21 color combination. 
  • Best for recoloring or recovering heat-exposed leather. 
  • Works as a perfect protectant for the leather. 
  • Comes in a 250 ml. bottle unit.


  • Not so many color options.

#06: LeatherPlus – Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit Review



No matter it’s the car seat or the sofa that you’d been using for years, LeatherPlus – Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit will renew them all with just a few scrubs. It’s one of those original repair kits that work on literally any kind of leathers. The steps are pretty simple to follow. No heat or external chemical is required at all. All you have to do is go through the instructions. As bonus benefits, the manufacturer provides bonus benefits of email instructions and video tutorials on a regular basis.


  • Bonus instructions for videos and email instruction.
  • 5 steps easy to follow the process. 
  • Works both for leather and vinyl. 
  • A complete DIY repair kit. 
  • Super-fast at dying or repairing leather. 
  • No heat required. 


  • Only 9 color options.

#07: Doctor Leather Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit Review



This awesome piece from Doctor Leather is not just repairing leather, but also works equally for restoring leather items fast and permanently. The kit contains 25 pieces of professionally selected vinyl and leather repair kits, and it certainly worth the money. A wide range of color combination, heat-free treatment, 2-in-1 repair and restore kits- that’s what made this item a popular one. As a free bonus support, you’ll have a lifetime access to the resourceful website of Doctor Leather and obtain the required color chart of the guide that you need.


  • Get 4x more for each time you paint.  
  • Works excellent for both repairing and restoring leather. 
  • 25 pieces repair kit. 
  • Professional helpline for support and instructions.


  • The instructions are hard to follow for noobs.

#08: MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


Get the life of your old vinyl or leather made product or furniture with the awesome Superior Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit. It’s specialized for home-based uses like repairing couch, luggage, shoes and much more. As you have the magical touch of Superior Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit on your old leather item, they’ll be refurbished for years of use. Another thing that we loved is its precise color matching DIY kit. The vast variety of color compounds and multi-purpose repairing kit forms a great leather/vinyl recovery together.


  • Matches the color or older leather perfectly. 
  • A multi-purpose vinyl repair kit. 
  • Works for both small and big vinyl items. 
  • Restoring, recoloring or repairing done perfectly.
  • Best value in the market. 
  • Specialized in home-based use. 


  • Best used for clothes and wearables.

#09: MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch Review


Best Leather Repair Kits


You have seen leather repair kits for home and commercial uses so far. But at no 9, we have something that specializes in cloth repairing and reglazing. MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch is from the extremely budget-friendly zone and still does a great job as well. The best thing about its repair is, it takes seconds. It’s best to cut larger rips and tears. If you have got any accidental awkward spots on your leather made cloth or shoe. MastaPlasta, Leather Repair Patch is the right kit to repair it right away. Apart from leather and vinyl, it works for many other upholstery fabrics. It’s simple, effective and sticks.


  • Works on holes, rips, scratches, burns or sofas.
  • Repairs Leather/vinyl or any Upholstery items.
  • Can handle cleaning agents. 
  • Best for clothes and shoes. 
  • Simple, effective and peel to use. 


  • Not a great reshiner.

#10: Scotchgard 4106D-2PK Fabric & Upholstery Protector Review



We’re almost at the bottom of the list of top rated leather repair kits. At #10, we have Scotchgard 4106D, a fabric, leather and any other upholstery protector. It’s not so great for years-long fading or repairing jobs. But when it comes to cleaning, Scotchgard 4106D works just fine. So let’s call it a leather cleaning kit instead of repairing kit alone. The application is pretty simple, even for first timers would find it very easy to use. The strong protection of fabrics and either would clean any of the spills or dirt with ease. No matter it’s the dress, silk, suits or outerwear, it will clean it with ease.


  • Easy and fast cleanup. 
  • Great for cleaning all sort of upholstery items.
  • One step application. 
  • Very cheap in price. 
  • Leaves no odor or sing of cleaning. 


  • Cleans only.

Top Choice Leather Repair Kits – Buyer’s Guide

So, you are worried on the ripped off or fade leather or vinyl and looking for a set of great leather repair kits. But before you go and chose any random ones, make sure you are all aware of the buying factors that defines a good kit in this competitive market.

For you to make the buying decision easy, here is our buyer’s guide on leather repair kits-

The Versatility of the Use

The first question that comes through a buyer’s mind is, how good can be this kit? But the question that we think should come is- how often would I use this kit? Because the product type directly relates to the answer.

Most of the kits has their own purposes. Take best vinyl repair kit for cars as an example. The name itself expresses its major use. Similarly, some of the leather kits are meant to be used on couches only, where some others have a wider variety of application. Definitely, the second one would be able to deal more types of leathers. And the price that comes with it, will be a bit higher.

So, analyze the capability of the kit first, and that’s our most important buying advice.

The Price-quality Ratio

There are many financial capabilities, and you as a buyer, definitely fit inside any of these categories. And don’t worry there are leather and vinyl repair kits for every price.

What you should worry about is the quality that comes with the product. IN this list, we’ve arranged leather magic repair kit from evert type of price ranges, and each of them performs well in terms of leather clearing and repairing.

The Components Inside the Box

Last, the accessories you get inside the box of leather repair kit, may be an important factor. You won’t like to pay for something that you will never need. Here comes the question of commercial, professional and home uses of vinyl repair kits. As example, even the best leather repair kit for cat scratches, cants be the cleaner of a couch leather.

In the description of each of these products, we’ve included the list of accessories and items that is in the box. Go through the list and find out your best match.

Final Verdict

It’s great that you’d ben through the entire article. Hopefully, you’ve already picked up you’re shortlist of best leather repair kits. All we can assure you is, no matter whichever you pick up from the list, will pay off for the investment you make after it. Hopefully, you end up with a reborn, new and shiny leather item in hands.

Best of luck!

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