Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols – Review & Buying Guide

The best full metal airsoft pistols is a sporting activity where participants eliminate each other by hitting each other with spherical projectiles made of plastic, ceramic, steel and other materials.

Airsoft pistols replicate real firearms and are used in airsoft sports. They can also be used for target shooting say during military simulation and historical reenactments.

Aside from having protective gear, the other most important thing is to have the right airsoft pistol that you can customize to fit your needs.

The options are endless when choosing a gun for airsoft, and they are usually classified according to their operating principle, i.e., Gas, mostly green gas or CO2, best airsoft pistol spring and Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs). I will give you a slight overview of some of the best CO2 powered airsoft pistol or guns.

Top Full Metal Airsoft Pistols – Comparison Chart

CO2 Dual Ammo Revolver Air Pistol 400 FPS Up ​to 6 Round
500 Fps New Full Metal Airsoft 500 FPS 16 Round
Colt Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol 385 FPS 17 Round
500 FPS New Airsoft Full Metal 450/500 FPS 16 Round
1911 CO2 Metal Blowback Pistol 310/345 FPS 20 Rounds

How To Choose The Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistol


The Type Of Play

Whether it’s covering fire, sniping, close quarter battles or support gunning, pick a gun that suits the type of play and suits your personality. Let me explain. A sniper needs to have patience, so if you are not patient, there is absolutely no point in picking a gun for snipers.

Now according to the type of play, various models are made for various types of play. For example, snipers use sniper rifles that are heavy, expensive with a very powerful bolt action. For covering fire, it should have a high capacity magazine so consider these things


Have a budget before you start looking for the perfect pistol or gun. Your price range should not just be based on the budget, but also by how involved you want to get with your gun. It is pointless to splurge on an expensive, professional gun if you are just starting out.

Consider a low-cost pistol or gun with good specs, and start out with it. If you want to get more involved after sharpening your skills a little, move on up.

Consider Popular Models

Select the model based on your preference since these said popular models are popular for a reason. They offer many options with good quality and good features to boot. Also, there are more reviews on them, and these will come in handy when you are conducting research before purchasing an best full metal airsoft pistol.

However, you should not dismiss less popular models because some of them are pretty decent, they just haven’t established their place in a market dominated by other models.

Weight And Performance

Different types perform differently. Again, the performance of the gun you want will have to align with personal preferences. For example, a high firepower gun might not be ideal for everybody because some people have faint hearts.

Now regarding weight, if your type of play involves running around shooting at people, a heavy gun is too cumbersome to run around with and use effectively. It might even cause fatigue. Although this depends on one’s physical strength, the weight has to be considered all the same.

Our Top 5 Picks of Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols


#01: CO2 Dual Ammo Full Metal Revolver Air Pistol

This is one of the best airsoft guns on the market with a full metal body, built to last long and built for durability and is a great way to maintain your shooting proficiency or even to have fun if you enjoy airsoft sports.

Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols

Some low powered guns are only designed to fire BBs, but this model can also fire pellets hence the name ‘dual ammo’.

It uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, and the velocity it shoots with for steel BBs is 400 fps while for lead pellets it is 350 fps. The trigger, cylinder release, and the hammer are accented with silver to give it a sleeker look.


  • Metal construction
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Dual ammo, snub nose 
  • Fixed front blade sight
  • Adjustable rear sight for windage and elevation
  • Manual safety 
  • Semi-auto repeater 
  • Silver accented trigger, cylinder release, and hammer Up to 100 shots per fill
  • Up to 100 shots per fill


  • Grip is a little loose and might need tightening
  • Loose hammer
  • Has no speed loader

#02: M 1911 Gas Co2 Airsoft Hand Gun Pistol

This airsoft gun is best described as a ‘serious’ one and one of the most realistic airsoft guns on the market. As is suggested in the title, it has a full metal body that helps with durability and longevity, and also ensures the gun have a realistic weight. It also makes it feel solid in your hand.

Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols

It is CO2 powered and the high power output of 500 FPS and is not for people with faint hearts because of the high performance and range accuracy. It fires in semi-automatic and has a working hammer.

It also has a non-blowback feature, meaning it is lighter to operate and also fires more rounds per minute. Guns with this feature use less gas hence it lasts longer before it needs a gas refill. Also because the frame does not move back and forth as it does in guns without this feature, it is quieter. It also features a strong ABS plastic frame.


  • Non blowback
  • A weight that is heavy and realistic
  • Working hammer
  • 16 RD magazine with 500 FPS firepower
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Detachable, heavy duty cCO2 magazine
  • Functional on frame safety
  • Full metal frame, slide, trigger, barrel, etc


  • Uses plastic BBs


#03: Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol, 6mm

It is a 6mm caliber blowback pistol, meaning it is designed to act almost like a real weapon. The slide is to be pulled back to ready the pistol and remains in that pulled back position when it is out of projectiles.


Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols

It is licensed fully by Colt, a known name and the maker of the longest standing law enforcement and a military handgun, which gives it an obvious advantage over others because that should mean something.

Firing mode of this gun is semi-automatic, with conventional 12-gram CO2 magazines and shoots with a firepower of 385 FPS, using 20 gram BBs with a hard kick blowback action that is realistic


  • Authentic look and feel 
  • Full metal body for durability and realistic weight 
  • Textured handgrips for a comfortable hold
  • Detachable full metal magazine
  • Full metal serrated slide, frame and barrel 
  • Licensed by Colt 
  • Front and rear sights are fixed 
  • 385 FPS high power output with undeniable accuracy 
  • Strong recoil and blowback


  • A major disadvantage is that the blowback feature means it uses more gas to fire one round, needing refills often 
  • Magazine not as great as the gun itself and can be hard to load

#04:  500 FPS New WG Airsoft Full Metal

For those searching the market for a high-power nonblowback, this is the gun you are looking for, for it has a non-blowback feature that comes with many advantages, the first being that it does not use a lot of CO2 hence lasts longer between refills. It is also quieter because of this and fires more rounds per minute.

Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols

It is a signature release by the Win Gun Company with greatly efficient CO2 systems that fire over 60 BBs on one cartridge with a high output power of 500 FPS. It is well rounded and maximizes the efficiency of the non-blowback feature.

As a bonus, it has a beautiful exterior finish and construction, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, it is of realistic weight, enforcing the realism of the gun


  • Efficient CO2 systems that fire ever 60 BBs
  • Performance, range, accuracy and power output is impressively high
  • Heavyweight and detachable CO2 magazine
  • Textured grip that is ergonomic and comfortable to hold 
  • Full metal parts that need to be metal, for example, the trigger, slide, frame, barrel, hammer and et cetera 
  • Serrated slide 
  • Durable


  • The firepower is high, that metal BBs or pellets could do major damage
  • Orange tip is loose and could fall off


#05:  Valken Tactical 1911 CO2 Metal Blowback BB Pistol

Ideal for target practice and backyard plinking, this outdoor gun is CO2 powered with realistic blowback action.

Best Full Metal Airsoft Pistols

It used stick type BB magazines which allow for the firing of several stick magazines without depleting the CO2 power often. This is a great advantage because it eliminates the most major disadvantage of blowback guns, and that is the fact that it uses more best airsoft gas pistol to fire one round.

For the best performance of this gun, I recommend using Valken outdoor steel BBs and 12 Gram CO2 cartridges


  • Realistic blowback function 
  • Polymer/metal construction is sturdy
  • Removable stick type magazines
  • CO2 powered


  • Steel BBs may cause harm if care is not taken


Final Words

There is a massive range of best full metal airsoft pistol or guns. You have to go to your preferences but first, make sure you are careful and that you have the required information before purchasing an airsoft gun. Research is necessary, which is why reviews like mine are here, to help guide you closer or help you purchase the best airsoft gun with good specifications, and suited to your preferences.

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