Best Car Dryer Blower – Full Reviews & Buying Guide

99Car paint is such sensitive in nature that any kind of contact can lead to scratches. So, a minimal contact to the paint should be one priority, even when you are cleaning dust on it. And that’s where the invention of a best car dryer blower makes sense.

Car dryers are somehow, turned out to be such an expensive product to car users. But frankly speaking, they are not so much costly in real. All you need to do is to do a mammoth research till you get the best pick for money.

In this article, we have done the research on behalf of you and made your task easier. All you have to do is take a cup of coffee, read every detail of these reviews and stop when you find your perfect match.

Welcome to the best car drying blower reviews of the market of 2019.

Top Car Dryer Blower 2019 – Comparison Table

Metro Vac MB-3CD
Air Force Master Blaster

# Material: All steel construction.
# Motor HP: 8.0 peak HP.
# NT: Neoprene blower nozzle.
# Hose Length: 10 feet.

Metro Vacuum
SK-1 Air Force Blaster

# Material: All steel construction.
# Motor HP: 1.3 PHP 950-Watt.
# NT: Rubber Neoprene.
# Hose Length: None.

Metro Vac Revolution
Air Force Master Blaster

# Material: All steel construction.
# Motor HP: 4.0 Peak Horse Power.
# NT: 5 Different Sizes.
# Hose Length: 30 feet.

Metro Vacuum
B3-CD Air Force Blaster

# Material: All steel construction.
# Motor HP: 10 Amp, 4 HP.
# NT: Neoprene blower nozzle.
# Hose Length: 10 feet.

Chemical Guys
ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6

# Material: Heavy duty plastic.
# Motor HP: 6-speed 5 ampere.
# NT: Flexible rubber nozzle.
# Hose Length: None.


5 Best Car Dryer Blower Reviews

 01:  Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster Review

Presenting the current choice car dryer blower of the market, the mighty Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster. Having a closer look at the features, we found it more than what we thought. It’s of a massive air flow of 54,500 feet per minute, a super-efficient motor of 8.0 Peak Horse Power, dual cooling fan and many more.

From both ends of quality and durability, we find even any close competitor of the Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster. Have a look at the features below and we think you can’t help agreeing with us-

Best Car Dryer Blower 


  • Three different levels of air flow can be brought out from the dryer. To control it, you will have two different switches.
  • Even if you want, you can have the dual flow of both air types. That will lead to a maximum use of the 8 HP motor.
  • A rugged, strong and sturdy all-steel construction. Lasts for years.
  • The 12 ft cord contains a 10 ft hose, an air concentrator, blower nozzle and streamer.
  • 58,500 massive airflow for dealing with even largest of the automotive.


The all steel made master blaster will not only help with drying your wt car, but also a protection from dust and debris from the hardest-to-reach corners of the car. Also, a high power motor, heavy duty nozzle, changeable foam filter and a great price for the money.

We think it’s the current best pick of the market. What’s your thought?


  • 0 Peak Horse Power motor.
  • 5 interchangeable attachment for the nozzle.
  • A heavy duty nozzle made of heavy duty materials.
  • 10 feet long commercial grade hose.
  • 3 different airflow and temperature settings.
  • Up to 58,50 feet per minute air flow.
  • A great value for the price.


  • Not a good fit for portable use.

 02:  Metro Vacuum SK-1 Air Force Blaster Review

If you are in essence of making your sports car or motorbike spot-free in the quickest amount of time, this is the product you should go for. Metro Vacuum SK-1 Air Force Blaster is one of those products that come with a strong construction, quick and efficient drying and a heavy amount of workload potential. Let’s glide into the detailed features-

Best Car Dryer Blower 


  • An all-steel construction for a long-lasting lifetime.
  • It’s powered by a motor of 1.3HP power, perfect for heavy loads of drying works.
  • Has a great air flow of 18,000 ft/minute.
  • Blows through a heavy duty Neoprene blower along with air-free nozzles.
  • Weighs as low as 3 pounds only.
  • Contains a E/Z channel foam filter for effective reuse.
  • Deals with cars and motorbikes in just 8 minutes.
  • Powerful and smooth moisture blowing away.
  • Small and compact enough to fit inside a saddle bag.
  • Durable and sturdy in structure, needs the least amount of maintenance.


Not all the users among us are in need of blowers to dry their personal car once in a week. If you have to deal with slightly more workload, Metro Vacuum SK-1 Air Force Blaster is the product you should go for. Compact structure, steel made body, powerful airflow and quick operation- these are what made this car dryer great.


  • A 1.3HP powerful motor of 8 amps.
  • All steel string and sturdy construction.
  • Power supply cord is grounded.
  • Comes along with a Neoprene blower made of rubber.
  • USA made standard safety precautions.
  • Perfect for sports cars and bikes.
  • Quick and relentless in operation.
  • Low in price.


  • Not a good fit for larger automobiles.

 03:  Metro Vac Revolution Air Force Master Blaster Review

Running out of hose while cleaning your car with an air dryer? Put a smile on that face then, because we’ve just got a dryer that has a revolutionary 30 feet long hose with it! The name is Metro Vac Revolution Air Force Master Blaster, just in case you are interested.

They call it The Revolution it’s a very compatible air dryer indeed. You can mount and use it on the wall or floor, can have a variation among warm, dry and filtered air to wash your car’s finish.

Here are more of its features-

Best Car Dryer Blower 


  • For easy navigation around the vehicle, there is a 30 feet long hose pipe with the model.
  • A wall mount bracket for the model itself, and a hose hanger for hanging the hose.
  • You can have three types or air to dry- warm, dry and filtered.
  • The air flow is measured to be 58,000 feet per minute, which is one of the best scores of the industry.
  • Contains a front and swivel wheels, that lets you move around with the Revolution.
  • Takes off the water from your vehicle’s body and reaches every corner.
  • Made of a premium grade materialistic standard.


A high airflow, a long hose to move around, and a smooth reach to every corner, that’s what the Metro Vac Revolution Air Force Master Blaster is all about. If you don’t have any problem to spend a few extra bucks for the sake of your car’s maintenance, I would strongly recommend you to go for this product.


  • A 30 feet long hose pipe.
  • 58,000 feet per minute air flow.
  • Delivers both warm and dry air in a filtered way.
  • Reaches every corner of the vehicle body.
  • Front and swivelling wheels included.
  • Space saving wall mount and hose hanger included.


  • Highly expensive.

 04:  Metro Vacuum B3-CD Air Force Blaster Review

At #4 of the review of 5, we’ve picked something that comes from the same brand of Metro Vacuum but is quite mid-level in performance. The product here is made for personal users, not for car maintenance shops who need heavy-duty dryers.

In this set, you will get a 10AMp and 45HP motor as the heart of the system, a sturdy steel construction and a 10 feet flex hose. We will explain each of these features, and other features that come along. Keep reading-

Best Car Dryer Blower


  • The dryer is with a 4 HP motor, which is good for cars, bikes or any similar vehicles. And the decent amperage of 10 Amp will be a good support.
  • A very fast tool that can deduce the car drying time into 25% of what it takes now.
  • Made of strong and sturdy steel. Will last for years.
  • Contains a Neoprene made blower nozzle.
  • Sometimes, when you need to change the filter, you can do it with much ease.
  • Contains a 10 feet long hose. Long enough to move around the car.


We think it’s great to get a dryer that helps to maintain the car’s finishing properly. But don’t think that more price will get you better dryers. With more price, the size and purpose of the dryer vary a lot. And from that point of view, this dryer here, is the best pick for personal use.


  • 4HP and 10 Amp motor inside.
  • Works with filtered warm water.
  • Deduces the working time by a lot.
  • Easy to change foam filter.
  • All steel construction.
  • A 10 feet long hose comes with the model.


  • Too light to work on a static basis.

 05:  Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6 Review

At the end of the list of best car drying blower, we have saved the most budget-friendly product. The name is Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6 and it costs only around 50 bucks. If you are looking for a dryer blower that you can work portably, this is the product you should be looking for.

The airflow isn’t that much great, but with the nozzle included, you can place it anywhere you want. So, reaching the corners won’t be a problem anymore.

It has few more features that we would like to bring under your attention. Go through the section below-

Best Car Dryer Blower


  • As it’s compact in size and weight, you can use it anywhere and for any vehicle. All you need is a power outlet.
  • If you want, you can use it as a dust vacuum. As it dries any of the vehicles fast.
  • The nozzle is made of soft, flexible and long rubber nozzle.
  • To store the device easily, the nozzle is made to be removable.
  • To control the direction of airflow, it includes a directional airflow attachment.
  • A dust bag to collect all the dust and manage the disposal easily.
  • A very budget-friendly price comparing to others.


In case you’re little tight in budget, you won’t like to spend a few hundred bucks just behind a blower. But what it if you get a 2-in-1 blower and vacuum cleaner at once?

Yes, that’s what this Chemical Guys ACC_303 JetSpeed VX6 is all about. It’s conventional, portable, light in weight and still contains a decent level of airflow. For bikes, motorcycles, scooters or any similar vehicles, it’s a great pick.


  • A light, small and portable dryer.
  • Can be used as a dust vacuum as well.
  • Powerful than even best electric leaf blower for drying the car.
  • Removable nozzle for space savings.
  • Soft and flexible nozzle.
  • Airflow attachment provided.
  • A dust bag for easy disposal.


  • Not so long cable to move around.
  • Not for heavyweight drying jobs.

Top 5 Car Dryer Blower Buying Guide

To make sure that you don’t have to suffer from a dirty car outlook anymore, it’s a must to have a quality blower in the toolbox. Although most of the car owners are aware of the fact, but very few of them actually gets their hands dirty to find a quality dryer. Congratulation, as you’ve shown up not to be one of them.

Go through the buyer’s guide for famous car dryer blower below, and decide which of the aforementioned model would be a right fit within your budget-

  • The Power Rating

Power ratings are the parameters of a car dryer blower that define its capacity of handling with car dirt. There are two kinds of power ratings available traditionally- the CFM and the MPH.

CFM- It’s the volume of air that’s passed by one cubic foot in a minute. In other words, it’s the value that decides how fast the airflow of a certain model is. So, blowers with higher CFM is preferred.

MPH- It’s the measure of the speed of air that’s exhausted from the blower. The value is set as a unit of Mile Per Hour.

  • Power Sources

There are two kinds of power sources when it comes to car dryers- electric power and gas power. Electric powered models are light in weight, quiet and needs a little amount of maintenance. You can find both corded and cordless models in the market.

Corded ones need a power source, and the remote ones are run through the battery. On the other hand, gas-powered blowers are for heavyweight tasks. Like in a car maintenance shop or mechanic’s workshop. As the gas source is embedded in the body, you can roam around cordlessly with the blower in action. Also, it can be a gem in places where electric power is not available.

  • Accessories and Additional Features

Apart from the blower itself, there are many additional features and accessories that manufacturers provide. The list includes backpacks, Vibration reduction handle, Built-in vacuum cleaner, Vaccum mulcher etc.

Final Verdict

Thanks a lot for going through the top car dryer blower reviews of the list. Although, the car you own may vary in size and power, you can’t stick to one particular dryer for all types of cars. Based on the car type, width of use, hose type, airflow, we have included 5 different models in this review.

Hope that, from all of the features explained, it helped you to get into the details about each of the products and chose the best one for your car.

Best of luck!

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