Best Airsoft Pistol For Training – Guide and Reviews

I have been taking defense classes at a shooting academy. I bought a pistol for the training, I took a lot of time and did spend much money purchasing the pistol which was a waste because it didn’t last long.

I decided to consult a colleague of mine because I liked the gun he was using, it was perfect. He never had any complaints about his gun, and he had been using it for quite some time.

He guided me in searching for the best airsoft pistol for training. We looked into the guns on the internet, and he told me to settle on the Daisy model 5501 CO2 Blowback BB Pistol, and I must say it was one of the best choices I have ever made. The gun is perfectly made and has never let me down in training. It is realistic and has a good feel

Top Choiceable Airsoft Pistol For Training – Comparison Chart

NameVelocityMZ CapacityInterested?
KWA ATP-LE Airsoft Gun Pistol 350 FPS 23 Round
Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol 350 FPS 21 Round
C02 Semi Automatic AG 430 FPS 18 Round
5501 CO2 Blowback Airsoft 430 FPS 15 Short
P7M8 Blue Airsoft Training Gun 240 FPS 10 Short

Things To Consider

Before you go ahead to purchase an airsoft pistol for training, there are a number of things that are worth considering, and you should always have in mind.

They help you choose the perfect pistol perfect for particular types of training. If you consider the when purchasing a training gun, then you will get the perfect gun for the job.


Before we purchase anything, we always want to know how much it costs, so as to know if it is between our budget or not. The same applies to training gun. The price range that you consider should be based on how much you want to get involved.


Some guns can be heavy and others light. For convenience purposes, it is advisable that you purchase one that is light to enable you to carry it around without getting tired or feeling all the weight of the gun on your upper body strength. Go with your personal preference on about the weight that you can handle.

Review Performance

There are the bag/gas blowback, spring, AGP/AEP. The gas blowback uses green gas or CO2 cartridges. The spring guns require no batteries or gas and most of them are pistols or sniper files. The AGP/AEP guns operate by using gears to pull the spring. The gears are run by electric batteries.

Type Of Play

There are several types play including sniping, support gunner and covering fire. Every type of play has a type of gun that is suitable for the role. Snipers use heavy airsoft sniper rifles and support gunners use heavy hard hitting light machine guns. For covering fire, any assault rifle with a high capacity magazine will do the job perfectly.

The Model

Different guns are designed differently or rather they have different models. You should choose a model based on your preference. There are different shapes with different types of pistols. You can choose depending on how you would like the training gun to look like for use in your training.

Top 5 Best Airsoft Pistol For Training Reviews


#01: The KWA ATP-LE Airsoft Gun Pistol

When training, you need to use a gun pistol that is effective and convenient. One that helps you get to your target easy and accurate. The KWA ATP-LE(GBB/6mm) Airsoft gun pistol is the pistol that you need.

Its accessory rail provides you with a tactical advantage, and three dots sights allow for a rapid target acquisition. The gun pistol t is usually used for training by the law enforcement.

Best Airsoft Pistol For Training

The lower polymer frame and the aluminum alloy slide make the pistol light and very much cost effective. It was KWAS originally designed training pistol unique to the airsoft market.

The airsoft gun pistol features an interchangeable back strap that allows the shooter to customize the fit and feel to their personal needs. Its construction is realistic, and it is light giving you an easy time to carry around during the training without feeling a lot of weight on your hands.


  • Polymer Frame 
  • Interchangeable back strap
  • Full metal alloy slide 
  • Adjustable back strap 
  • Gas operated recoil blowback 
  • Great quality


  • Not CO2 
  • Not heavy duty


 #02:  Full Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

The airsoft gun features front and rear serrations that allow easy weapon manipulation and 3-dot combat sights for quick target acquisition. With the gun, you will always be accurate and never miss the target.

Best Airsoft Pistol For Training

It gives you an easy time during your training. It is well designed as a training weapon, and you should always carry it with you for training, and it is always an excellent choice for Law enforcement and military training.

The full metal airsoft pistol construction gives it a very realistic feel. It can be operated by small children too. The green gas acts upon the cold but keeping it in your jacket when training helps a lot.


  • Rock solid metal body construction  
  • Adjustable hop up system
  • Green gas powered
  • Authentic blowback recoil system
  • Front and rear serrations
  • Pica tinny rail


  • Not heavy duty
  • Not compact
  • Handcrafted


#03: Airsoft Gun C02 Semi Automatic

The airsoft gun black ops wolverine C02 semi-automatic BB pistol shoot biodegradable.20.25 BBs is the gun you need. It is heavy duty and highly powered. You get to have fun shooting with a smooth and fast semi-auto action to empty your magazine in seconds.




The polymer frame has a full-length top and bottom pica tinny tactical rails to mount your sights, lights, and accessories. Its grip is ergonometric giving you a comfortable hold when you are holding the gun and when you are firing.

It is heavy duty and made of high-quality construction material that makes the gun pistol last for a long period. You can use the impressive airsoft pistol for training as long as you want without experiencing any problems with it because it is perfectly made.


  • Heavy duty
  • Polymer frame
  • Pressure switch
  • High-quality black finish
  • Adjustable leaser sight
  • Realistic metal slide
  • Polymer frame


  • Doesn’t come withCO2 
  • Not a blow black
  • Heavy

#04: Daisy CO2 Blowback BB Pistol

The daisy model 5501 best blowback co2 pistol is well made and accurate. The hand feels, and the balance is pretty good. You will be surprised at how realistic it is and how good it fires. The realistic feel is incredible, and the pistol gets at least three full clips before it loses power. It is mostly constructed using metal and has a good blowblack.

Best Airsoft Pistol For Training

The airsoft CO2 in the gun lasts for a long period. Be sure with this purchase because it is a good gun for the price because it is nice shooting with this powerful air pistol. This is a must buy gun for training, forget about the other types.

Once you buy the model, you will never have thoughts of buying another airsoft pistol because the daisy model is the model that you would always want to have once you try it out.


  • Max muzzle velocity
  • Blade and ramp front sight
  • CO2 Semi-automatic blow back
  • Good firing 
  • Good quality
  • Great for the price


  • Appropriate for adults only
  • Doesn’t have suppressors
  • Doesn’t blow back with fire
  • Loud

#05: H&K P7M8 Blue Training Gun

The Ring’s blue guns H&K P7M8 blue training gun is perfectly designed and modeled for training jobs and gets the training well done and smooth. You never have to complain about any problems brought by the training gun because there are no problems at all.

Best Airsoft Pistol For Training

You can never go wrong with the purchase. Blue guns are offering the widest selection of the most related detailed non-lethal training aids available today. It is perfectly useful for making holsters or cases to fit the gun.

Blue guns are the most realistic and safe alternative to using live firearms in training scenarios. They are used in every corner of the world in training. They are handcrafted in strong impact resistant polyurethane. The blue guns replica handguns will function in high-security holsters for safe draw stroke airsoft training drills.


  • Handcrafted
  • Strong impact resistant polyurethane construction
  • Strong impact resistant polyurethane construction
  • High quality
  • Great price
  • Solid construction


  • No other available colors 
  • Plastic construction


Final words

Based on the above information, you will agree with me that the above types of airsoft guns are the best in the market and worth the price. They do what they are designed for pretty well, and they are the best for training in the field. I recommend any of the gun pistols. You will never regret the purchase. They are well designed and made of high-quality materials that make them last for a pretty long period.

Any of the gun pistols is the gun you need for your training. You need to take defense classes so you can be able to defend yourself in case of anything. Now look into your savings and purchase a best airsoft pistol or gun for use in training.

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