Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners – Guide and Reviews

Games are not fun when they do not seem real or engaging. The best airsoft pistol for beginners review depicts models that resemble real firearms, creating an innuendo that the players are participating in military or police scenarios.

Of course, not getting hurt is the main objective for every game. But it would not be fun if you are not using the tools or toys that will take you close to the reality.

This article reviews some of the top rated airsoft pistols and gun that will add pleasure and adventure to your game. This includes the following;


NameVelocityMZ CapacityInterested?
BBTac AirsoftGun Package 300 FPS Up to 600 Round
Police Entry Team Collection 300 FPS 200 Round +
M4 ElectricAirsoft Gun 250 FPS 45 Round
Guerilla CollectionOf 5 Airsoft Guns 250 FPS 300 Round
Exclusive Collection of4 Airsoft Guns 300 FPS Up to 4000 Round


When you blindly purchase an airsoft pistol, you will not love the disappointments that might come with it. Hence, I have reviewed some of the key points that you need to be keen with to make an informed decision or purchase. This includes the following;

Effortlessness In Operation

As a biginner, you need a light pistol that is easy to operate. Shooting and loading ammo should be as simple as possible. This will help you to focus on the target. Good guns can also be customized according to your needs.

Therefore, finding and assembling accessories should also be simple. On top of it all, the spare parts or accessories should be readily available in the market so that you can ultimately enjoy the various roles you want to take part in.


If you purchase an airsoft pistol that will break down on its arrival or after a few days of use, you will wish it would be a real one so as to put down the seller.

To avoid harm and crimes, purchase a good airsoft pistols that depicts a sturdy construction. Credible manufacturers will also matter. The guns should be able to work effectively on the assignments given.


A great airsoft pistol for beginners is just a model of a gun, not a real one. You do not have to tear your pockets looking for cash. A good airsoft pistol should be good to your wallets too.

Believe me; too expensive pistols are not worth the sacrifice. You will always think about the money you drained instead of putting down your opponents.

Appearance And Preference

A pistol that looks exactly like the real firearms is worth your purchase. If you want to feel the energy, seriousness and the awesomeness, it comes with. But first, you should be thrilled by how the pistol appears, from the detail finish to its size and color. Whatever your heart will desire, go for it.



#01: BBTac Airsoft Gun Package


Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners

If you have a passion for military jobs, you will have a closer look at this. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package will take you to wherever you want.

The detailed furnish and sturdy plastic construction gives the guns a genuine look of the real military weapons. Being new to various military games, you need guns that are simple to operate.

To your advantage, these airsoft guns contain 6mm pellets ammo, readily loaded and ready to play. In addition, reloading of the pellets is a breeze since the guns use a Clip. You can also depend on the oomph of the guns for they are spring loaded.

These airsoft pistols care for your wallet too. You can save a huge deal of cash. You would not imagine how your wallets will dry if you choose to buy the guns separately. Get this full package today, and your pockets will thank you.


  • Powerful¬†
  • A wider variety of guns in a package
  • Easy to use
  • Realistic replica of military guns
  • Efficient


  • Easily breaks down


#02: Police Entry Team Collection Of 4 Airsoft Guns Package


Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners

You are going to love these well-built guns. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – Police Entry Team Collection of 4 Airsoft Guns are a total package that will introduce you to military and police games.

My boys love the package and are always excited to play their favorite police games. The package consists of four airsoft guns hence they all get a chance to play together and bond. I love the unity, and determination that my kids have developed.

I can clearly see the passion they have to win by working as a team. They also make strategies to attack and put down their opponents, hence boosting their creativity and ability to solve problems.

In addition, the guns are perfect for their tender age. These affordable guns are lightweight and automatic to operate hence they can play tirelessly.


  • Affordable¬†
  • Lightweight
  • Rechargeable batteries¬†
  • Automatic¬†
  • Ready to play package


  • Hectic to reload guns


#03: M4 Electric Airsoft Gun Full Tactical Accessories

Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners

For a beginner, I doubt if you will get a gun as flexible as BBTac M83 Full and Semi Automatic M4 Electric Airsoft Gun Full Tactical Accessories. The gun comes with accessories that can be customized to suit your needs.

The accessories include a flashlight, foregrip, removable carry handle and red dot light scope. You also get to enjoy the adjustable hop up with semi-automatic, full auto and safety settings which enable you to enjoy the total energy it comes with. Just so you may know, this auto gun shoots faster, accurately and with great power.

The gun is easy to assemble and operate. Being a replica of M4/M16 airsoft rifle, you might as well scare people around with it and earn yourself a recite of Miranda rights. I mean, it looks so real to be an imitation that it excites to use.

With the sturdy construction, the gun comes with a pocket-friendly price. You get to enjoy a full package of fun-filled adventurous experience and feel the awesomeness of the gun whose quality is top notch.


  • Great quality¬†
  • Shoots accurately¬†
  • Long lasting battery¬†
  • Sturdy construction
  • Economical


  • Ineffective flashlight¬†
  • Heavyweight


#04: BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – Guerilla Collection of 5 Airsoft Guns

Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners

My son loves guns when I am gun-phobic. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – Guerilla Collection of 5 Airsoft Guns – looks so real it scares me to death. This is a guilty pleasure package that I had to purchase for my son’s sake.

The ready to play package excites my son so much. It consists of 4000 airsoft BBs to start shooting. The guns are lightweight and easy to load and operate. This is depicted by the clip equipment which makes loading simple and allows faster gameplay.

The real size replica rifles consist of a great and reliable packing power, which makes them shoot up to about 250 FPS with 0.12g airsoft BB pellets. The oomph it comes with accredits it as one of the most significant purchases you will make.


  • Powerful
  • Affordable¬†
  • Realistic¬†
  • Easy to assemble¬†
  • Efficient


  • Does not have a bigger capacity to hold more bullets


#05: BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – Collection of 4 Airsoft Guns

Best Airsoft Pistol For Beginners

For serious gameplay, you will not miss using BBTac Airsoft Gun Package – The Operator – Collection of 4 Airsoft Guns. The spring airsoft gun model of the rifle and shotgun are powerful to shoot over 300 Fps with 0.12g bbs. The guns offer simplicity and ease when operating hence you are assured of total stimulation and fun.

These firearms are lightweight. An advantage to every beginner; they will concentrate more on shooting rather than finding a hard time carrying the guns. The prices tabled for the guns are so friendly that it motivates the players or prospects to own one.

With the ease to and assemble the guns, every airsoft beginner kit will appreciate these awesome packages. The efficiency it gives has been tried, tested and approved; the accuracy it delivers is worth every coin. You will be making a huge wise decision purchasing it.


  • Shoots accurately
  • Lightweight¬†
  • Loads faster¬†
  • Affordable¬†
  • Size and looks are replica to real guns


  • Handles easily break


Final Words

Fun is expensive but this. I have reviewed the impressive airsoft pistol for beginners that I totally recommend for every newbie. At an affordable price, you will enjoy the precision, sturdiness, power and the realism it brings to the game.

You will not go wrong if you choose one of the above models to gift someone or play and bond with your family and friends. The guns are to die for.