The Best Airsoft Gun For Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide!

Whether you are into sporting or other numerous recreational events, there is no doubt today airsoft guns have become and continue to find that spot in the hearts of those who are passionate.

This is largely because they are an impressive addictive game for your outdoor activities and also help you enjoy learning how to shoot those pellets without such strict legal constraints characterized with conventional guns.

Typical the best airsoft gun for beginners are basically low-power smooth bore built to operate under pressure in their inner chamber for shooting any of your non-metal sphere-shaped shells. They adopt less penetrative and slow down powers, a reason they are safe but recommended to use while in protective gear.

Best Airsoft Gun For Beginners

So, are you considering buying your own airsoft gun or renting one? Whichever is your next move, getting to single out the top airsoft guns up to the task can be quite daunting more so if you are new into the game.

This doesn’t need to be the case anymore, thanks to these quick basics to help you keenly avoid settling of lackluster designs in the market today, you can hit the trigger just like you intended for your style of mock combat.

You definitely have all the reasons to invest in a quality, top-performing, and reliable top airsoft gun.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Gun For Beginners – Comparison Chart


Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47 Electric Powered Full Metal...

AK47 Gun Rifle
  • Velocity: 380 – 400 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 550 Rounds
  • Weight: 9.5 Pounds
Durable and long lasting

g&g airsoft combat machine m4 raider high-performance full...

Durable and long lasting
G&G Airsoft
Machine Gun M4 Rifle
  • Velocity: 400 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 450 Rounds
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
Adjustable rear sight

Soft Air Thompson 1928 Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with...

Adjustable rear sight
Thompson 1928
  • Velocity: 400 – 450 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 450 Round
  • Weight: 7 Lbs
Full metal

Soft Air Kalashnikov AK47 AEG Full Metal Body Electric...

Full metal
AK47 AEG Blowback
Gun Rifle
  • Velocity: 400 – 450 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 600 Rounds
  • Weight: 8 Lbs
Full metal v2 gear box

Lancer Tactical Velocity Airsoft LT-02B Lancer Tactical MK18...

Full metal v2 gear box
LT-02B Gun Rifle
  • Velocity: 400 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 300 Rounds
  • Weight: 4.35 Lbs
Wind up style reservoir

Game Face ASRGTH GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun (2-Pack)

Wind up style reservoir
GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun
  • Velocity: 320 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: Up to 300 Round
  • Weight: 3.30 Lbs
Rechargeable battery

BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle Full Automatic, Semi...

Rechargeable battery
BBTac M4 replica Airsoft Gun
  • Velocity: 200 – 250 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: 40+ Rounds
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
light in weight

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - World War II Collection of 4...

light in weight
BBTac Airsoft Gun Package
  • Velocity: 300 FPS
  • MZ Cap​acity: Up to 4000 Rounds
  • Weight: 10-15 Pounds

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Buying Guide of Best Airsoft Gun To Buy 

The moment you think of the best airsoft gun brand, basics come into play and your preferences. You undoubtedly don’t want to end up with a low powered airsoft gun that will end up failing you in the spark of the sport.


  • Despite the fact that airsoft guns aren’t real guns, if not handled appropriately they can be dangerous not only to the user but also to those around you.
  • It is in order if you are having their first time experience to get the assistance of an expert to see you through their effective use for safety purposes.
  • Check your local area for possible regulations governing the use of airsoft guns. This is because if you are not aware of such laws and regulations, carrying your airsoft around might attract the attention of the authorities since they can confuse to appear as actual guns. This will ensure you don’t get into trouble.

Functionality And Application

Do you intend to do practice sessions in your leisure time or compete in shooting events for a win?

  • Well, regardless of your activity, there are so many types of top rated airsoft guns for the money to suit the role you are likely to play. Most M4s, AK47, and so many other models will be appropriate for you as a rifleman.
  • If you happen to be assuming the position of a team leader in your sporting competition, it is imperative you go for a battery powered automatic airsoft gun like an AEG.
  • This is because it carries the most dependable swift firing capability. You also have an option of firing it as a fully automated machine or as a semi-automated gun.
  • Choose your best airsoft short gun appropriately if you also play key roles including but not limited to sniper position, support gunner as much more.


  • Consider saving enough that will be worth your investment if you want to go for The best airsoft gun for beginners.
  • This will mean you dig deeper into your pocket but ensure the quality and performance matches your expectations.
  • Let your skills and tact match your airsoft’s worth. You don’t want to buy an expensive airsoft gun that is too complicated for you to handle if you need to use it immediately or one that will cost you extra to learn to use if that is not your interest.

What Type Of Airsoft Do You Need?

  • Expect to come across different types of airsoft guns in the market from spring airsoft guns, commonly known as rifles to airsoft gas guns including electric powered models.
  • Depending on the applications of your choice, rifles could be effortless to pull back its slide before you execute a shot. They are ideal for those who want something inexpensive to do some rigorous practice. They don’t need gas or power. But be ready to cock and reload them in your every single shot.
  • Airsoft gas guns are suited for professionals fanatics; they are powered by the use of carbon dioxide or green gas. They can be tedious to refill every other time though. They are also not efficient in performance when in cold conditions.
  • Lastly, electric airsoft guns are known to carry top quality design, and you also have the fun of choosing from so many options available in the market. They come with a rechargeable battery to run its electric motoring system for top-notch loading and BBs discharge.
  • Whichever is your choice let it be the top rated airsoft guns ever up to the task in your hand for maximum enjoyment you desire.

Other Factors To Consider

Take into account the following factors when buying your airsoft guns;

  • Ensure the design is durable to last you long. You obviously don’t want a fragile gun that will break down in the middle of a sporting event. The quality of the gun in respect to the material used should be a solid reliability irrespective of whether it is made of plastic or metal.
  • How about an airsoft gun which you can find its spares inexpensively ans easily in case it breaks down or malfunctions? This will spare you the hustle of struggling to get back into your task.
  • Check on the precision your airsoft gun comes with in respect to your preferences among other factors.
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The Best Airsoft Gun to Buy Reviews

The following are the top 10 best performing and rated Airsoft gun reviews, honest, unbiased and actual facts that have been proven. I hope this will help anyone in need of the impressive airsoft guns.

 01:  Soft Air AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Gun Rifle Review

Exclusively part of the Guns of History collection, the Soft Air Kalashnikov is a tactical AK47 rifle is dubbed as the most famous weapon of the 20th century. This rifle was released on the 60th Anniversary of the tactical edition rifles. Designed with full Kalashnikov full standards and trademarks, this rifle has a metallic upper receiver and an outer barrel.

Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47 Electric Powered Full Metal...
345 Reviews
Soft Air Kalishnikov AK47 Electric Powered Full Metal...
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 390-430 FPS with .20 gram ammo via a 8.4v...
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in full and...
  • Replica: Made with heavy duty polymer for a realistic feel....

This electric powered airsoft gun rifle is integrated with tactical rails which give you that folding and removable fore grip with a nylon fiber foldable stock. With this beast, you have absolutely no worries about your firing game. Featured with a functional safety mode, you can decide to go either fully automatic or semi-automatic firing modes with this AK47 Rifle.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the Soft Air Kalashnikov Tactical AK47 Gun rifle

Ammo Type

  • For maximum performance, it is recommended that you can use the golden ball pro slick BBS that carry a perfect spherical consistency and accuracy. The density should be seamless 0.20g or even heavier ranging from 0.23g to 0.28g BBS. This ammo is cheap and is available on the market at the lowest price that I can guarantee.

Firing Capability

  • This full automatic rifle has been proven to be capable of firing up to six hundred rounds per minute with the velocities obtain of up to 475 feet per second. With this, I can guarantee that you can fire off very large numbers of rounds one after another with impressive accuracy. Up to forty feet away, you will be able to shoot down any target size. I can also add that this rifle is suitable for shooters of all skill levels, you need not be an amateur nor a pro but if you a shooter you can operate this rifle.


  • Comes with an adjustable hop up unit
  • Premium 8.4 Volt battery
  • Comes with a removable fore grip
  • High capacity magazine
  • Comes with a removable fore grip
  • Full metal barrel assembly


  • Batteries wires are very tight fit inside the battery compartment


You will be extremely impressed with this high-powered gun. It is very small sized and compact making it very light hence you will experience no hassle carrying it around. The package includes essentials like a rechargeable battery, wall charger, two 600 high capacity magazines plus a user manual. All in all, this is one absolutely and a dependable rifle that you can decide to get yourself one.

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 02:  G&G Airsoft Combat Machine Gun M4 Rifle Review

As it is known to all who loves airsoft sniper rifles or rifles, the combat machine replicas are always of high quality. They are usually considered of high quality because of the plastic bodies that are used instead of metal ones. If you looking for that rifle that gives you an advantage over the others then this is the absolute way to go, with an integrated rail system and that heavy-duty polymer receiver.

g&g airsoft combat machine m4 raider high-performance full...
58 Reviews
g&g airsoft combat machine m4 raider high-performance full...
  • Long Barrel
  • Comes with G&G M4 450 round hi-cap magazine
  • G&G CM16 Raider Rifle Standard 6mm Airsoft Gun - Long Barrel...

The Combat machine gun M4 Raider comes with a standard six-point rectangle crane stock that allows the nun chuck style of battery storage. This makes this CM M4 a very versatile with retracted fully stock. This machine gun packs a fierce punch in indoor and close quarter combat games whereas the stock is fully extended, it can still handle the big boys in all outdoor games.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the G&G airsoft combat machine gun M4 rifle

Full metal gear box

  • The muzzle velocity of this CM M4 easily overpowers the Tokyo Marui automatic electric guns, this is because of the reinforced metal gear box that maximizes the performance levels of these devices. This is a force to reckon with in the open fields, shooting between 300 to 400 FPS while the Tokyo Marui can manage a shooting of only 285 FPS and it is priced more than the CM M4. The high-performance metal gear box is also backed by a high torque motor that supports this rifle to achieve its maximum potential.


  • The G&G airsoft Combat machine gun M4 is operated by an electric automatic mode that allows the machine gun to use up its power to achieve the best results possible. Firing modes on this rifle, you can choose between using the automatic firing mode that explores the maximum capability and use of this rifle or you can choose to use the semi-automatic firing mode making single shots at each time.


  • High capacity magazine of 450 rounds
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Very lightweight rifle
  • Adjustable iron sights


  • This automatic electric gun does not come with a battery or a charger.


For experienced shooters, they will surely fall in love with this Combat Machine gun M4. It is a force to reckon with because of its high standards of performing, and it does not disappoint. The internals has been enhanced right from the factory so that this M4 Combat machine gun can perform and deliver very high rates of firing.

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 03:  Soft Air Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft Gun Review

This infamous rifle is also known as the Tommy Gun and trust you me it was favored by every mobster gangster back in 1900. This was because of its portability and firepower, I mean this little guy could cause unrecognizable damage to property and human beings. In recent years the Thompson machine gun has been a favorite of many movie actors like Johnny Deep always went for a Tommy gun in all intense fights in the Hollywood blockbuster film “Public Enemies”.

Soft Air Thompson 1928 Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with...
161 Reviews
Soft Air Thompson 1928 Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with...
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 400-450 FPS with 0.20g ammo via 9.6v NiMH...
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic
  • REPLICA: made with heavy duty polymer and metal for a...

A true replica of its original self, the Tommy Gun or Chicago Typewriter comes with a complete foregrip, signature cuts Compensator and a finned barrel. This ensures that you get the equal amount of fire power as compared to the original model that was used in the early days of the 19th Century.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the Thompson 1928 AEG Gun

Full Metal Body

  • The Thompson 1928 AEG Airsoft rifle has a full metal body that is designed in the same exact way as the original version. This includes the metal gearbox and gears with the full metal body giving it that portability. With this kind of rifle, you ensured of its light weight and durability. But the wood pieces are incorporated in the body to provide that more durable crack finishes for free. These kinds of features make this one of the top performing, high competitive level, and highly durable airsoft rifle that you can get.

Adjustable Rear Sight

  • This rifle gives you the option of adjusting your rear sight depending on the situation of your target. With this feature, you are guaranteed of that accuracy when it comes to securing and shooting of targets. The rear sight can be adjusted into two modes depending on the one that in sufficient and reliable for you at that time. Accuracy and sighting of targets are guaranteed with this Tommy Gun.

Adjustable Hop Up

  • This gives you the freedom to increase your range via the Magnus effect. An adjustable hop up lets you set the backspin to the projectile hence this means that the air pressure at the top side is reduced and it causes the plastic pellets to fall less over a certain distance that it would have without applying the spin.


  • Durable and high performance guaranteed
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Reinforced marui compatible gearbox


  • Can be awkward for people with long reach or left handed


Although it was designed for right handed people, with some little improvements on the construction design this Tommy gun will turn out to be a great weapon for everyone. But if you in search for that antique and old school kind of machine gun they get you this rifle.

 04:  AK47 AEG Full Metal Body Electric Airsoft Gun Review

Fascinating information about this rifle is that it was approved by Mr. Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov himself. Being a part of the exclusive best airsoft guns of History” this AK47 is certified as an airsoft replica meaning that it is authentic as it can be. This gun is designed to feature a full metal body that includes a lower receiver and a steel upper, with a full metal barrel assembly that incorporates the latest and new most powerful v3 gearbox.

Soft Air Kalashnikov AK47 AEG Full Metal Body Electric...
36 Reviews
Soft Air Kalashnikov AK47 AEG Full Metal Body Electric...
  • NEW Electric Blowback Technology
  • Full Metal and Real Wood construction. Fully licensed and...
  • 400-450FPS with a .20g BB. Power range of approx. 240ft!...

There is also the latest blowback technology is also featured on these devices. The popularity of these AK47 grew when they were proven to operate at maximum levels even under extreme conditions like being buried in the sand or even under water they would still perform. It has made a legacy that cannot be matched or rivaled by any other rifle of its kind of the 20th century.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the Soft Air Kalashnikov AK47 AEG Blowback Gun Rifle

Blowback Technology

  • This is AK47 incorporates the most advanced and best blowback technology ever featured on a rifle. It is designed to be extremely aggressive and realistic clank at the same time. When you fire this rifle, as the ejection ports kick back is simulates he recoil hence adding to the already realistic feel. Words can never be enough to describe this feeling, you just need to experience it to feel it.

Powerful Gearbox

  • This is the most powerful v3 gearbox that has been fitted with this type of rifle, under the hosting of a full metal assembly. The powerful gearbox is also paired with the next generation ultra-high torque motor. This means that you have the capability of experiencing the maximum performance of this AK47 at your fingertips. I mean maximum performance, personally, I would want to try that, wouldn’t you? This motor gives this automatic electric gun a full blaze firing power and speed over 800 rounds per minute.

Folding Rear

  • The tactical folding rear is also a unique and important feature for this kind of gun. It improves on versatility on the field. You should not be worried in tight or close quarter combats because the stock folds instantaneously converting your automatic electric gun to a compact and more powerful CQB dominant weapon.


  • Adjustable hop up unit
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Full metal and real wood construction increasing the durability
  • Blowback technology used
  • Adjustable spin up shooting system


  • Rear sight has the freedom to play from side to side


I can describe it as an amazing gun for airsoft out there, the performance is excellent plus the design is just out of this world. The real wood finishing gives it that cool look, but with minor adjustments, I believe that this gun can obtain its maximum potential that it has. For me, I can give it 4/5 stars.

 05:  Lancer Tactical Velocity Airsoft LT-02B gun Rifle Review

When you are thinking of recruiting someone into the airsoft world, I wish that you should get him the Lancer tactical velocity airsoft LT-02B rifle. The Lancer tactical MK18 has set the bar very high for the realm of polymer automatic rifle if you ask me. This rifle is built for power and reliability so do not let the polymer construction and design fool you.

Lancer Tactical Velocity Airsoft LT-02B Lancer Tactical MK18...
43 Reviews
Lancer Tactical Velocity Airsoft LT-02B Lancer Tactical MK18...
  • True 1:1 scale, modeled after the M4 assault rifle
  • Electric powered (AEG)
  • Velocity: 400 FPS with 0.20g BB's

Because of the high quality of construction, this rifle can take a lot of beating a can consistently crack out 0.20g BBs at a muzzle velocity of over 400 fps impressive, right? The reinforced outer metal barrel ensures that the tight bore copper that is 6.03mm inner barrel is protected ensuring that you can operate in very high stressful conditions with ease and no hassle or fear of damaging this automatic electric gun.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of Lancer Tactical Velocity Airsoft LT-02B Gun Rifle

Bearing Spring Guide

  • The bearing spring guide is designed to minimize the load on the motor that is usually caused by the spring tensions which is most common in the upgraded automatic electric gun rifles. This spring guide is designed to increase the spring’s effectiveness and also prevents the tension from building up during auto shooting thus reducing a great amount of wear and tear on your rifle.

Dependable Rail System

  • The Lancer tactical LT-02B rifle comes with a very dependable rail system that allows you the freedom to add your favorite accessories to the rifle. These accessories may include scopes, flash lights, sights, and some even lasers. All these accessories are very essential and you can depend on them at any time of the day. You will feel secure when you have these accessories with you.


  • Durable polymer construction
  • You get an individually serial numbered
  • Precision 6.03mm tight bore copper inner barrel
  • Full metal v2 gear box


  • Limited warranty


It is a fairly unique and important gun, but it has some flaws that the manufacturers need to address to make this one of the best automatic electric gun rifles in the world. For new members in the airsoft family, I believe that it is a fair equipment to start off with before any major upgrades. I can give it 3.5/5 stars to be fair.

 06:  GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun Review

Feeling like you want to hold a piece of history in your hands, then you should get a chance to feel the Game Face GFSMG Submachine gun that was used in all major wars all over the world which includes world war 2 and the Vietnam war.

This GFSMG submachine gun is made from high-quality components that ensure that you get the best when it comes to the design and handling. Some reviews say that this is the most trusted name in the Air gun and air soft accessories and equipment.

Game Face ASRGTH GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun (2-Pack)
106 Reviews
Game Face ASRGTH GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun (2-Pack)
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • Performance and quality tested
  • The most trusted name is Air soft and Air gun accessories...

Performance and quality testing are also conducted to ensure that the product produced to the market is of high and quality standard plus of great performance. The Crosman GFSMG submachine gun 6mm Caliber air rifle is powered by a battery and this semi-automatic or automatic air rifle.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun

Magazine Capacity

  • The Crosman GFSMG submachine gun features a very high capacity of 800 round in its magazine. This means that you get the capacity to hold a bigger number of rounds that other submachine top rated airsoft guns. You also get the ability to shoot up to 300 rounds per minute with a speed velocity of 320 FPS. It is a high performing submachine gun that can never disappoint you.

Firing Modes

  • This submachine gun gives you the option to choose from two firing modes, you can either try to go semi-automatic mode or automatic mode. Semi-automatic mode ensures that you can get those dingle shots separately whereas the automatic mode ensures that you can explore the full firing potential of the GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine gun.

Fixed Post Front Sight

  • A fixed post front sight ensures that you have a permanent front sight that is zeroed instead of the moving or shifting front sight. A fixed front sight ensures that you have more accuracy levels when aiming and shooting of your targets. This makes work easier especially when you are using this Crosman GFSMG type of submachine gun. Performance is great levels when using this device.


  • Wind up style reservoir
  • High capacity Magazine
  • Fast and accurate
  • Plastic butt pad
  • Comes with a removable fore grip
  • Selector safety available


  • The hop up is not adjustable
  • It is very heavy when it comes to weight


Holding a piece of history in your arms may be overwhelming to some people, but it requires a little more than history information to make a rifle a great one. This is a very powerful and accurate rifle that I can recommend to most of you out there. The drum and the firepower are absolutely amazing.

One worry about this device is the construction material, the components that have been used to make this material are of high quality but they make it heavier compared to other submachine guns. Experienced shooters may find this Crosman submachine gun very faulty and awkward when they use it.

 07:  BBTac M4 Replica Airsoft Gun M83 A2 Electric Rifle Review

The BBTac M83 rifle is an automatic Airsoft rifle that features a 1:1 scale replica of real steel. This automatic tactical rifle is manufactured by the Double Eagle company and they strive to make electric impressive airsoft guns remarkably authentic. The M83 can fire rounds of 6mm plastic pellets, that is propelled out of the gun by some compressed air. If you need a weapon to train with that will not cause so much harm and injuries to you and your mates then you should try training with this.

BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle Full Automatic, Semi...
811 Reviews
BBTac M83 Airsoft Gun Electric Rifle Full Automatic, Semi...
  • Full-scale replica of the real steel, airsoft rifle...
  • Easy to operate, runs on rechargeable battery, simply point...
  • Velocity of up to 200-250 fps with 0.12g BB pellets,...

I can guarantee that this rifle is very easy to operate as it simplifies the major work for you and you only tasked with aiming and shooting of targets, that cannot be much of a hassle, can it? Running on a rechargeable battery, you can never go wrong with this M4 rifle

Let’s explore more highlighted features of BBTac M4 replica Airsoft Gun M83 A2 electric rifle

High-Quality Construction material

  • This BBTac M4 replica rifle is made from very sturdy and durable plastic material. By this I mean you can be able to withhold any heavy damage posed on your device. The high-quality material also makes this rifle very lightweight and easier to use. High portability levels are also experienced because of the designers’ choice of construction material. The compact rear design also ensures that you can be able to adjust to any length that is comfortable for you.

Quality Performance

  • The electric M4 rifle is powered by a NiCad rechargeable battery that ensures it powers this rifle to its maximum performance. With realistic value being very high this rifle is powered to blast up to an amazing rate of 400 rounds per minute with a velocity of between 250 to 280 FPS on its maximum potential. This is a very fast replica airsoft rifle.

R.I.S Tactical rails

  • The M83A2 AEG airsoft RIS rifle is designed with good and adjustable tactical rails that ensure you have the surface area to attach your tactical accessories that may include; the laser sight, red dot scope, flash light, scopes and much more. All these tactical accessories are very important when it comes to the safety of you and your rifle hence you need to keep them close to you and on your rifle, is the most suitable place


  • Electic and full automatic rifle 
  • Quick to load
  • Compact rear design
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Rechargeable battery


  • To charge battery, you need to remove the accessories from the front stock


This is a very detailed and quality rifle but with little mishaps, the gun shots are okay, but the silencers and the stock can easily break if you are not careful. Some parts of this rifle are very flimsy, and you might regret getting it. Apart from those features like the grip and others work just fine without any problem.

 08:  BBTac Airsoft Gun Package Review

This package that contains Airsoft replicas of the most popular, and common rifles and guns that have been seen and used in the World War 2. The BBTac Airsoft package includes a full-scale replica of a German M40 model, the M1 light machine gun from the United States of America, a light machine gun from the German force. Also contained in the package is two 1911 replica airsoft pistols which were standardly issued by the American military.

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - World War II Collection of 4...
63 Reviews
BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - World War II Collection of 4...
  • Full scale airsoft gun replicas from the Word War II with...
  • Ready to play package, included airsoft 6mm pellets to start...
  • Package of 4 airsoft guns for perfect game play of WWII

All these guns in the package are spring operated and very easy to operate with the simple cock and shoot mode. For all novice, to intermediates, these guns are very friendly to them because of their light weight nature, and they are easy to operate, not much effort required. They are given the freedom of experiencing the Airsofting feeling as well.

Let’s explore more highlighted features of the BBTac Airsoft Gun Package

Design and Durability

  • All these full-scale airsoft gun replicas are made of a durable plastic material with a detailed finish, and this means that this is the best guns for beginners. The construction materials that are used in their design are also very light hence making these replicas very light and portable. Beginners should not have many problems when handling these replicas because of the nature of their design. They are durable making them ideal for use under any condition.


  • The performance of these replicas is also stunning and maybe more than the standard of a beginner. These powerful airsoft rifles can shoot approximately 300 FPS with 0.12g airsoft BB pellets. The impressive airsoft guns also use clips for fast and simple reload hence a quick turnaround making work easier for beginners to use these replicas with ease. The ready to play package comes very handily when beginners are training and using these replicas. They are easy to operate as one is required to simply cock it and shoot.


  • Detailed finish with plastic construction
  • Powerful airsoft rifles shooting 300 Fps
  • Easy to use and operate
  • They are light in weight
  • They use clips for simple reloads


  • They are made from flimsy material


The BBTac Airsoft Gun package is a unique one and nice piece especially for beginners who also want to feel how others feel when they are Airsofting. They are easy to operate, are light in weight and quick to reload. All beginners may feel comfortable using these replicas. But the main problem is that they are made from flimsy material, and they do break very easily.

Final Verdict

Ensure you airsoft gun if it is made of metal that doesn’t rust easily under regular maintenance but you can opt for those made of plastic to avoid such scenarios.

Additionally, plastic guns can last for a long time if you use them appropriately. The accuracy of your airsoft gun should match the desired length and quality of the internal barrel and check if you can easily access the gun’s internal parts for replacement at an equally affordable cost.

Regardless of the type of airsoft, you settle for let it is easier for you to handle it including cleaning. Check whether it comes with an additional own magazine, battery and its charging convenience for the best use.

Take a keen detail of authentic manufacturers to avoid buying counterfeits. If it comes with a warranty and a case for ease of carrying around and storage, that will can be awesome. I hope this will enable you to end up with the best airsoft gun for beginners ever going forward.

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