Best Airsoft Guns Under $200 – Guide and Reviews

Choosing the best airsoft guns under $200 can be a difficult and tedious job. The task even becomes tough when you are not sure of what to look for. I have however conducted research in the airsoft gun and prepared a comprehensive report, just for you. The models I have listed here are clear winners from the large field of data that I managed to dig into.

​A perfect gun is fundamental when playing the airsoft game. A good gun will enable you ‘combat’ smoothly with total fun. So be sure to check some of the guns I have reviewed for you

Top 5 Airsoft Guns Under 200 Dollars – Comparison Chart

NameVelocityMZ Cap​acityInterested?
BT-M82 fully Automatic
Electric Rifle
200/250 FPS 30 Round
AK47 Electric
Powered Airsoft Rifle 
475 FPS 600 Round
GFSMG Submachine Gun 300 FPS 800 Round
1911 Co2 Full Metal
Airsoft Pistol
385 FPS 17 Round
1911 Tac Gen3
Airsoft Pistol
320-340 FPS 14 Round

Things To Consider For Best Cheap Airsoft Guns 2019

How It Operates

It is important to understand the operation system inside the airsoft gun itself. There are three common types of operation systems inside most guns. They include; the spring powered, gas powered and electrical powered.

​Our subject of concern is the electrical powered. All of the models in this review are electrical powered. They are the most reliable systems and pretty popular as well. Rechargeable batteries operate them. This makes them convenient in use since they can also operate in all weather conditions and do not require extensive maintenance.

The Type Of Gun

You will need to be sure of what you are looking for. There are different kinds of guns including assault rifles, heavy and light machine guns, airsot pistols, submachine guns and airsoft sniper rifles.

In this article, I have reviewed an AK47 replica rifle which falls in the assault rifle category. As we have seen, it is modular and customizable. It’s also pretty popular as well

With pistols, they play a second line of defense in case the primary weapon fails. They are effective, modular and easy to use because of their comfortable grip

Submachine guns are another type you should consider. They are extremely modular, compact and lightweight too.

Finally, we have the sniper rifles. They are exciting to use but very tedious, they also time consuming as well. Getting these models will require quite an investment.

The Role You Want To Play

Different roles will require you a different type of gun. In an airsoft game, there are infantrymen, medics, sharpshooters or snipers and support gunners.

The infantry are regular soldiers and will need standard assault rifles or submachine gun depending on the area of operation. The medics will carry the same weapon as the infantry. Snipers will obviously carry a sniper rifle and an additional pistol

Support gunners lay low and spray rounds in the direction of the enemy, giving comrades enough time to move to an advantageous position. They, therefore, should go for a heavy machine gun and plenty of ammunition too.

Airsoft Gun Specifications

Factors such as the gun’s velocity which is measured regarding feet per second is equally important as well. Do not forget to check the rounds per minute fire rate too. Other factors include the guns height, weight, and range.

Guns Externals And Customization Ability

Be sure to check the technicalities involved in its usage too. This is to make sure that you do not buy an unreliable tool. The externals include the vertical grips and iron outside.

​You might want to take a look at the customization options too. This is because you may want to modify your gun in future and add a flashlight or laser. Is your gun compatible with these future modifications?


A question that I often ask my friends when they need such advice is; do you like what you see?

​Take a look at its specifications, features and price range whether it fits your ideal model.


Reviews of 5 Best Airsoft Guns Under $200


 #01:   BBTac BT-M82 fully Automatic Electric Rifle

The BBTac is a fully automatic rifle and a replica of the SG 552 riffle. The rifle fires plastic pellets known as BB which are released from the gun with the help of an electric battery powered motor. If you are thinking of a perfect gift for your son, this might be the perfect birthday gift.

First I must commend its packaging; it comes in a well-packed box that you will almost definitely fall in love. I also like the fact that you can switch it from semi to fully automatic. It also comes with a flashlight and a laser.

Its assembly is not as hard. It is necessary to note that the electric rifle’s magazine can hold a capacity of about 30. This is no small amount compared to other rifles that you will come across


  • Velocity of 200 feet per second when shot
  • Looks feels and functions like a real rifle thougt it’s safer
  • Has a rechargeable ni-cad battery
  • Has semi-auto and full-auto firing mode
  • Includes an electric red-dot sight and a tactical flashlight


  • Scope is not as accurate
  • Silencer makes it curve terribly


 #02:  Soft Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

The soft art Kalishnikov looks very much like an AK47. It is modeled to replicate the most famous weapon of the 20th century, the AK47 itself.


It is in the market at a time when Kalashnikov is commemorating 60 years anniversary since their inception, so guess what? They are putting their trademarks and logos on it.

One of the features that strike me with this model is its 600 round per minute capacity with a BBs velocity of up to a staggering 475 feet per second. This is just incredible, and I can only imagine the number of rounds and the levels of accuracy this model can achieve.

One thing is for sure if you show up during practice session with this model, I am quitting


  • Fast shooting 600 rounds per minute 
  • Very high velocity of close to 475 feet per second
  • High accuracy levels
  • Electrical powered airsoft rifle
  • Its AK47 resemblance with stealth black color for ‘enemy’ intimidation


  • Difficult to unfold
  • Battery wires are tight to unfold


 #03:  GameFace GFSMG Airsoft Submachine Gun

The GameFace airsoft is a submachine gun. You know what I mean by this. This means it is a replica of a legendary gun that was used in major wars such as WWII and Vietnam wars. It fires up to a maximum of 300 rounds per minute, but you can never get worried because its round drum can hold up to 800 rounds.

The GameFace airsoft gun is also made from some of the toughest and highest quality materials you will ever see. You will also definitely love the fact that it is electronic full or semi-automatic. Users have enjoyed the model’s results and are giving positive feedback on the manufacturer’s website.

If you understand what a machine gun is capable of, then chose this model. You will surely teach your friends lessons they will never forget. I highly recommend it


  • Made using the highest quality component
  • Has a drum size capacity of 800 roung magazines
  • Can fire up to 300 rounds per minute
  • Fires a 6mm with velocities reaching 320 feet per second
  • It is an electric airsoft gun, full or semi-auto


  • Is known to jam a lot though the problem is easy to fix


 #04:  Co2 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol

I must admit, this pistol looks and feels insanely real. Gun experts give it a 1:1 replica of the real 1911. So for this reason, I insist you exercise a lot of caution when handling this gear, inform the local police department when and where you may film.

The gear looks very convincing and may cause you harm if not trouble. If you want to use it in the backyard, make sure to inform the neighbor so as not to cause distress.


This excellent airsoft shoots approximately 350 to 400 feet per second. Many of its functions are just like that of the real steel including the slid which is very smooth just like the real 1911. It also features full metal that can be easily disassembled and cleaned which again is just like the real deal.

If you haven’t seen it, make a point of seeing it, this model looks just like the real one. The real one is a classic, and this one is no difference. I am sure you will love it.


  • Is a full metal body and textured handgrips
  • Is a semi-automatic
  • Shoots up to about 385 feet per second
  • Strong recoil
  • Strong blowback


  • Cannot fire many rounds because of it’s a pistol


 #05:  Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3 Airsoft Pistol

The Umarex elite force is another replica in the 1911 family and sure looks pretty realistic too. As awesome as it is, it’s also fantastic for an airsoft gu

n. Users have expressed their satisfaction with its comfort, convenience, and pocket friendliness. It also has a nice feel when holding it.

The gun has a great blow back system too. Just like its 1911 lookalike counterparts, the gun can be disassembled easily and cleaned the maintenance parts. Most users have commended its good trajectory and a fast velocity of about 350 feet per second.


  • Very realistic I must say 
  • Great weight 
  • Its tip can add a silencer
  • Has two safety buttons
  • Pretty accurate as well
  • The Umarex is one of the most comfortable designs from the 1911 family that you will find


  • Some models have the hop-up not staying in place. Even after tightening the screws, some seem not to hold long 
  • Fewer rounds obviously because it’s a one hand-held gun


Final Verdict

If you notice closely, the guns, I have reviewed fall in the different categories of guns ranging from assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols and even sniper rifles. I have picked among the best, reviewed the specs and made it easier for you.

I have also explained a few factors you should consider, if you follow them wisely, picking one should be a simple task. So grab it, call your friends and let the games begin.