Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol Review – Read Before Buying!

Using a handgun or air pistol can be fun depending on the task that you embark on with the tool. I love shooting birds and flyers for fun so I cannot afford to choose a low-quality gun for that. I choose my pistol well and carefully to make sure that I enjoy every experience and opportunity I get to have fun.

I usually go for a light pistol, designed to be of high quality to ensure that my outdoor fun moments are nothing short of amazing. I currently own a best beretta elite II CO2 pistol review, and I can comfortably say that not once has it let me down.

​We usually go for outdoor bird and flyer shooting with my friends, and every time it’s my chance, I always end up hitting the target. Not that I am a professional, but this pistol has made me one.

Beretta Elite II CO2 Pistol Review


Several of my friends opt to use hand rifles, but this has not worked out very well for them for some time now. They always complain that the rifle is heavy and it is not easy to steadily hold it with your hands for long.

Beretta Elite II 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Beretta Elite II...
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Beretta Elite II 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Beretta Elite II...
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This beretta elite II CO2 pistol has that problem covered. It has been specially designed and made with hard plastic on the outside while the important internal components are metal. This ensures that the pistol is light.

You will be able to hold the pistol in your hands for a long time without breaking a sweat and makes it comfortable to use.

Perfect Welds

This pistols have great and high-quality welds, which makes it perfect, extra strong and safe for you as you use it. With great welds like that for a pistol, the possibilities or chances of the pistol being damaged are next to zero.

The pistol also has a safety on to ensure that it does not accidentally fire on its own or when you are not ready. This helps ensure maximum safety is observed and it is rare for you to harm yourself or your fellow friends while you are out having fun.

High Velocity

When you are out with your friends hunting or just having fun flyer shooting, no one gets near the target. This is to ensure that you are not accidentally injured during a shooting experience in the woods.

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This calls for a pistol that has a high velocity. This beretta elite II CO2 pistol has a velocity that is to reckon with.

​Powerful and greatly designed, the pistol has a velocity of 410 ft/second which is quite some good force the pistol has. This makes it easy for you to aim at your target and not miss even when it is far from you.


When it comes to more than one use of a pistol, this beretta elite II CO2 pistol has you sorted out fully. Not only can you use it outdoors for bird or flyer shooting for fun, but you can also use it in the backyard or the basement for plinking.

This offers a great opportunity for you and your friends to hang out and join in the fun together at the comfort of your home.

Firm Grip

This amazing best beretta elite II CO2 pistol review is perfectly designed to ensure comfort and ease of use for you. The hand grip handle of the pistol is serrated to ensure that your grip on the pistol is firm and strong. This feature helps to make sure that it does not easily slip from your hands while using it anywhere.

With this pistol, you can roll over on the ground severally, run or even jump up and still the pistol will not fall off your hand.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Ease of use
  • Has a non-slip feel
  • High capacity magazine
  • Durable
  • Made with strong material


  • The sound produced by the pistol is loud and not ideal for use around children

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the pistol need cleaning?

Yes it does, but use of water is out of the question. Use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the outside. For the inside part, the pistol comes with a manual on how to service the internal components once in a while.

Q: Can I get one for my child to play with?

I would highly not recommend the use of this pistol for persons under the age of 18 years.

Q: Is the pistol automatic?

No, the pistol is semi-automatic and you have to wait for a little while before shooting the next round.

Final Verdict

The pistol comes with a lot of great features, most of which make the pistol an ideal tool to purchase. Get more I have for some time now used this pistol, and I can tell you that it is a piece worth your time.

If you are still thinking hard on which pistol type to buy, your search has just been made easier. When you get yourself this pistol, I believe you will agree with me that it has the best to offer.

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