How To Develop An Airsoft Gun Skills?

Airsoft Gun Skills: Lovers of airsoft games, what is that frustrating moment you keep experiencing? No doubt, it has to be an inaccurate airsoft gun. Airsoft sports can be exciting, but one major setback about the sport is that airsoft gun can be inaccurate.

Choosing the best airsoft pistol is the first step of ensuring you experience the best of your airsoft sporting activities.  First, there is no point of breaking your bank account because of an airsoft gun especially if you are a beginner in airsoft sporting.

Airsoft Gun Skills

You would rather sample on less costly airsoft guns before settling on one that best suits you. Besides, it is important you review how the particular model you chose functions. Pay attention to the review to ensure you get the pros and cons and what to expect.

Now, one would ask, how do I improve the accuracy of my airsoft gun? Easy, all you need to do is follow the simple steps discussed below.

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Ensure You Purchase Good BBs Arrange Them Correctly

There is no point of having a BB that would totally disappoint. Invest in good BBs, and you will not be disappointed. Almost all automatic BBs are highly polished, they would otherwise refuse to work effectively.

Seamless BBs are circular with holes and seams. Seamless and highly polished BBs will not only rub on your barrel but also move out smoothly with less friction. In case the process of flying out is not smooth, your shoot will curve incorrectly. You certainly do not want that. Ensure that your BBs are well arranged and balanced in the barrel, which would otherwise reduce your accuracy up to a half.

Moreover, acquiring a tight bore barrel and upgrading the internal system of the gun guarantees you straighter and more accurate shots. Upgrading the system might sound like rocket science, but once you figure it out, it would become even easier than you thought. An ideal barrel should measure between 6.03mm to 6.01mm. The tighter the barrel, the more religiously you will have to clean it. So it is up to you to choose

Adjust your Hop-up

Now that you got your BBs right, you got your ideal barrel, the next thing is adjusting your hop-up. The hop-up is the system that applies force on the BB making it fly straightly and more accurately, therefore, hitting the target. In most cases, the hop-up is usually adjusted in the company, but it’s worth it to readjust it by yourself, to ensure you boost your accuracy levels.

Different guns do have different techniques. You should, therefore, study your gun, and learn how to correctly adjust it. Whereas no hop-up will make your gun less efficient in its performance, too much hop-up will decrease the accuracy and the range of your shots.

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Basically, try drawing a dot on a cardboard and fire severally on the dot, adjust your hop-up in accordance to how it performed during your firing process. If you severally missed the dot, then most probably you have to adjust your hop-up.

If, let’s say you fired thrice, and you hit the dot all the three times you fired, then most probably your hop-up is accurate. Besides a hop-up that requires an adjustment, incorrect aiming could also make you miss the dot.

Clean And Lubricate Your Airsoft Gun

Now you got the correct barrel, correct BBs and you have adjusted you Hop-up, you have to go an extra mile to ensure your gun is clean and well lubricated. This is to ensure the gun’s efficiency is improved.  You will have to learn to clean it regularly because any little dirt makes the BBs jam, especially in the tight barrels.

Furthermore, lubrication reduces friction which would otherwise cause slower and a not so smooth movement of the BBs. I would recommend a silicone gun lube for this case. Spray your silicone lube down the barrel. Plastic moving over a metal may cause a lot of friction, silicone lube guarantees to reduce the friction.

Be sure to utilize a lube meant for guns to avoid unnecessary issues like affected parts coming up. After lubrication, you will realize the BBs are moving out more, smoothly, accurately and at a higher speed. What more would you wish for while shooting?

Try It Out, Again!

Now after all the adjustments, you got to try aiming at another dot and see if you got it adjusted correctly. Draw a dot on a cardboard and shoot at if five times. If you miss four out of five times, you are either aiming incorrectly or you have not adjusted the gun correctly to achieve its maximum accuracy. You, should, therefore, try readjusting, or follow the guidelines below:

You might consider re-adjusting the spring system. You should be extremely careful while trying to adjust the springs as they are fragile and they might break in the process. Re-adjusting the springs increases the force exerted on the BBs, therefore increasing the speed at which it the BBs move

Ensure your scope is accurate. If you have a sniper, you most probably have a scope. With an accurate scope, you will definitely have to adjust your sniper. You will see some buttons on the side of the scope, use those buttons to adjust the sniper for more accurate shots.

You might consider changing the weight of your BBs. Using heavy BBs and the results are not accurate, try lighter ones. In case you are using lighter BBs, try heavier ones and see the results you will get. But more important is the heavier the BBs the more accurate the results


With the above guidelines, you are good to go for a completion. Just ensure you practice enough before engaging in the competition to avoid the frustrations. It might seem like an uphill task for beginners but it requires practice. Practice constantly and you will be proficient even before you know it

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